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Chapter 211 is always about gain and loss

Foodie! When

, Xiao Nian secretly Tucao in his heart, reluctantly, "breakfast is not allowed to eat again, I'll get you some fruit to eat." .

"whatever you like! Come on, come on! "

The president of palace university has been extremely upset about what he didn't eat.

"I see. I'll go now."

When Xiaonian left his desk and went out.

Gong Ou is about to follow up, suddenly back a few steps, back to the desk, black eyes to the computer.

When the computer was not turned off, he saw Xiaonian's chat with the editor. His eyes fell on the editor's paragraph: "what will you do after that?"? Do you live by a pen name without going out to meet people in your whole life?

Gong Ou's black eyes were deep, and he didn't say anything. He raised his feet and walked out.


When Xiaonian made a large fruit plate in the kitchen, poured salad, put it in a crystal plate and brought it to Gong ou.

Gong Ou is having a meeting on a balcony.

Several N.E high-rise buildings on the huge balcony are busy turning over the documents to report to Gong ou, standing one by one. Only Gong Ou is sitting on a white chair with elegant posture, holding the documents in one hand, turning the pen in one hand, thinking deeply in his black eyes.

They are discussing the contents of the mrwho pre notice conference.

There was no less dignified face than going to the battlefield. Everyone looked nervous and focused.

"The fruit tray is ready."

When Xiaonian walked over with a crystal plate, he put the plate on the round table on the balcony.

Those high-level officials immediately stopped talking and looked at her. Gong Ou's eyes were drawn back from the documents and looked coldly at those people. "Call people!"

"Good time, miss."

Several senior managers immediately bowed their heads to shixiaonian respectfully, with first-class reaction speed.

"Hello." When small read light smile, "I cut a lot of fruit, are very fresh, you all taste it."

A female high-level looked at the fruit plate, "Wow, the plate is so beautiful. It's appetizing."

It's good to flatter.

When small read light smile, signal that female high-level can eat a little, female high-level is about to pinch a cherry, feel a chill wind blow.

She raised her face and saw Gong Ou sitting there quietly looking at her. "Are you allowed to eat?"

Female high-level immediately scared straight body, motionless.

"Continue the meeting."

Gong Ou takes a fork and puts a piece of fruit into his mouth.

Those high-level people are a group of people who respond very quickly. They are not affected by this incident, and immediately start to make a report, "the location of the conference is..."


When Xiaonian stood there, he wanted to say that we could eat together. He thought that he was still a strange identity beside Gong ou. It was not good to say anything, so he didn't talk much.

Looking at their meeting, Xiaonian silently turns around and leaves.

She walked out of the balcony, far away, she saw Feng de standing in a telephone, respectful attitude.

Call back this attitude?

When Xiaonian was a little confused, he went forward and listened to Fengde saying, "yes, sir, I know the sir."


Feng De's master should be gong Ou's father.

When Feng de hung up the phone, Xiao Nian put his hands behind him and called with a smile, "manager Feng, is calling from England?"

"Miss Shi." Feng de nodded at her. "Yes."

"What did you say?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Feng de obviously didn't expect her to ask. He was stunned and looked at her with some consternation. Xiao Nian stood there and smiled innocuously. "What's the matter? Am I talkative?"

"No, Miss Shi." "I'm just reporting to my master about my family here," said Fengde

"Oh, really? I thought I was talking about Gong Ou's marriage. "

When small read lightly said, the eye bottom has a touch of temptation.

Even though she knew it was hard to give up marriage, she still wanted to know if Gong Ou had tried.

Feng de doesn't know the three treaties she and Gong ou have made. Maybe he will tell her what he wants to know.

Indeed, as soon as he heard of her like this, Feng de thought she was jealous and hurried to say, "actually, since the young master went back to England last time to meet Miss Mona, who was married in a perfunctory way, he hasn't contacted again. The old master and his wife urged the young master, and the young master hasn't contacted either."


Listen to the name like a foreigner.

"Is it?" "When small read nods," that palace Europe also did not say this matter with the British side

"No, I haven't been in touch with the British side lately." Feng De road.

"I see."

When I nodded, I didn't get in touch, that is, I didn't ask the British side to give up marriage.

She turned and looked out to the balcony.

I saw Gong Ou sitting there with a document in one hand and a fork in the other hand to put the fruit in his mouth.

Is she too anxious?

Just at the beginning of a month, she wanted Gong ou to do it. She didn't ask for results. As long as he was willing to try for her once, she would be enough.

When Xiaonian turns around and leaves, Feng de looks at her not pretty face. "Are you OK, Miss Shi? I don't look very good. "

"I'm fine."

Xiaonian smiled and shook his head, and walked towards his room.

She shrinks herself into a small world, draws her own comics, and becomes a painter named "never forget". In addition, she has no other identity.

She is like a soul without substance, living in nothingness.

When Xiaonian was drawing a cartoon, she could not draw a line with her fingers holding the pen. For a while, she scratched a piece of paper forcefully, which made her a little upset.

"What's the matter, master?" Mr palace stood aside and noticed her upset.


When small read light tunnel, after a while, she said, "Mr palace, I seem to become a little bit worried about gain and loss."

On the one hand, she told herself not to ask for results, but on the other hand, she couldn't help wondering why Gong Ou didn't mention giving up marriage. It's better to try it once. Does he really value her?

Why is it as if it doesn't exist?

"People in love are always worried about gain and loss." Mr palace stood aside, and the electronic voice sounded at once.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at the silver body of Mr palace, he bit his lips.

People in love always worry about gain and loss? Is that really the case?

That's not a good feeling.

Don't think, don't care!

When Xiaonian patted his face, "cheer up, draw!"

She picked up the pen again and continued to draw. She drew Gong Ou's caricature on the paper, and sketched his face one by one, which made all of Gong ou, Gong ou and Gong Ou appear before her eyes

For the next few days, Gong Ou didn't go out. He stayed in the imperial castle and kept having meetings with senior officials.

Sometimes, Gong ou will take her to a meeting with him when he thinks of her, and then, regardless of the people's eyes, he will hold a small hand and kiss her It made Xiaonian very embarrassed.

The content of the meeting is basically around the mrwho pre notice conference.

When Xiaonian was a housewife, she found out how much attention was paid to the preview conference after surfing the Internet.

The Internet is full of news and comments.

Everyone is guessing what mrwho is.

Gong Ou's group even made an activity on the Internet. The top ten people who guessed what mrwho was, with a capital of 3 million yuan.

3 million.

At that time, Xiaonian wanted to register an account secretly to answer questions. It's a robot. She already has a finished product in hand.

The press conference was also repeatedly reported on TV news. People all over the world are paying attention to this new product. Gong Ou is enough for people all over the world.

This conference seems to be a great event, and everyone is looking forward to it.

The hot topic went straight to the top of the headlines.

Even entertainment topics are covered.

Shi Xiaonian found that even the news that Shi Di came out crying that he was not a promiscuous girl was left behind without any waves.

The whole people are talking about mrwho.

The address of the preview conference is chosen in the science and technology museum which can hold tens of thousands of people. On the day of the conference, some crazy science and technology enthusiasts are waiting outside the science and Technology Museum.

When Xiaonian and Mr palace sat in the room and watched TV, only the pictures outside the science and technology museum were shown on TV.

In the picture, countless science and technology enthusiasts are reveling, and the roads are blocked. The police come out to guide them. The scene is huge.

"People all over the world are looking forward to what kind of miracle Gong ou will create for us again!" The TV host was obviously excited when he said that.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and turned to look at the MR palace beside him, "Mr palace, you will be shown in front of everyone tomorrow. Are you nervous?"

"I'm perfect!"

The R palace was very confident and stood up from the bed to show her a dance.

It's a copy of arrogance.

When small read smile, watch TV, teeth bit lips, I don't know if Gong ou will be nervous, but tomorrow he will personally host the whole conference.

Gong Ou pesters her every night to chat and talk, but near the day of the conference, he basically doesn't look for her at night.

She has had a lot of leisure these two days.

Shixiaonian didn't think there was anything, but now all the news is about Gong ou, N.E. and mrwho.

Everyone is waiting for Gong ou to create a miracle for the world. Even Gong Ou is under the spotlight, there will be some pressure, right?

"I'll go to Gong Ou!"

In this way, Xiaonian got up from the bed and ran out in a hurry.

When Xiaonian ran to Gong Ou's room in her nightdress, she thought about going to the kitchen again.

She ran into the kitchen, put on her apron, took out her utensils and began to make ice cream.

She made a whole bucket of vanilla ice cream and carried it in her arms to gong'o's room. She raised her hand and was about to open the door when she heard a piano sound.

When small read Zheng under, lean at the door quietly listen to the voice inside.

The piano was played in a bit of a mess, and the Gao part was in a rush. It was played by people who were upset.

It seems that she did not guess wrong. It's hard to avoid being nervous when she is pretentious like Gong ou.

"Knock knock knock knock knock."

Xiaonian raised her hand and knocked on the door a few times.

The piano in the room stopped suddenly, and Gong Ou's angry roar came from inside, "get out! Don't bother me! "