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Chapter 894 Gong Ou weaves her hair

At the thought of Lancaster, Xiaonian's head was all big. Thinking of the persistent problems on Gong Ou's way, he couldn't help saying, "Mr Gong, I'm worried about Gong ou."

"Mr. Gong is safe and healthy."

The R palace stopped broadcasting and comforted her.

"Not so."

Xiaonian sighed softly.

"What is the master worried about?"

When Xiaonian cut the tomatoes in his hand and put them on the plate for later use, he said, "I'm afraid that he's forced to pretend nothing in front of me, that everything is expected by him, and that he can handle everything alone."

Back to the old house, Gong Ou has been worrying about the past with her. It seems that he didn't care about Lancaster at all, but maybe he just put everything in his heart and didn't want to show it in front of her.

If so, she's really worried.

Because, she did not know how to solve, how to share.

"Mr. Gong is omnipotent." Mr Gong said, scanning Xiaonian's face.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly and looked at it and said, "it was not a good thing that you had self-consciousness before. Now think about if you really have it, you are better than me. Maybe you can help Gong ou."

"The master said it badly."

The R palace bowed its head, and then continued to help with the food.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything more, she continued to make food, and an idea was spinning in her mind. How could she share her worries for Gong Ou?

After finishing five dishes and two soups, Xiao Nian and Mr palace walked out with their hands, and saw the bodyguards pushing a hanger from the outside.

There are rows of clothes, skirts and school uniforms hanging on the hanger. They are familiar with school uniforms. Hey, isn't this the school uniform she used to wear in junior high school? It's still sportswear, but the school uniform on the hanger is a lot bigger.

"What is this?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"This is what Mr. Gong asked us to prepare. He just delivered it from the clothing store."

The bodyguards bowed to her and turned away.


When Xiaonian pulled the green and white sports school uniform on it in amazement, and turned to look for Gong ou. He saw Gong Ou come out of the room downstairs where he had been admiring for thousands of years. He glanced at the coat hanger and said, "eat."

"What's the matter?"

He asked, pointing to his uniform.

Gong Ou looks at the school uniform. "Your school uniform is ugly."

"I didn't ask that." When I read a black line, I pointed to the clothes and said, "how did you make the school uniform into a magnified version, eh? Don't I wear all these clothes when I was a kid? How has it all been magnified? "

No wonder she thinks these clothes are a little familiar.

"I've enlarged and redone all the clothes in your wardrobe. It's very efficient." Gong Ou downplays the tunnel, glances at the clothes on the hanger, "it's just too earthy."


That's how long ago the clothes, of course soil.

She looked at him. "What do you want to do?"

Gong Ou goes to the dining table, takes off his windbreaker and puts it on the back of the chair, sits down lazily, reaches out his hand to untie the Cufflinks of his shirt, looks at her with black eyes, reaches his index finger over his chin, lifts his thin lips slightly, and says word by word, "I just want to tell you when you want to go back, including when you were a child."

Such an ineffable tone.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he suddenly understood the enlarged version of the clothes. Because she said those words to him on the way back, he would help her to return to her childhood and let her do the childhood Xiaonian?

However, she went back, and those people before could not go back.

Like knowing what she was thinking, the voice of Gong Ou's bullying came, "but this time, you can only have my existence when you were a child!"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he really had a lot of tricks. Isn't Lancaster enough for him? He even wanted to help her back to her childhood.

If he feels so happy, she is willing to cooperate.

In this way, Xiaonian walked towards him, sat down on his left hand side and asked, "what kind of role did you play when I was a child?"

"It's in your house."

Gong Ou has found a good position for himself.

"Ah, do you want to play millennium?"

Asked shixiaonian in amazement.

"Who's going to play the blind man!" Gong Ou stares at her displeased, and says, "I'm gong ou, who's in your family. You should take care of me."

"I took care of your three meals."

She's like a cook, isn't she enough?

"Take care of me as you take care of Mu! Do you understand? " Gong Ou's toes are high and his Qi is high. Turning his eyes, he looks at the MR palace standing aside. "Take these dishes down and heat them first, and then serve them up."

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The R palace did the same.

"Why? Don't you eat first? " When Xiaonian looked at him blankly, Gong Ou pointed to the clothes on the clothes hanger, "go and change your school uniform."

"Do you want to change again?"

When I was a little girl, she only acted as a secretary last time. Now she is a junior high school student. Is that a big age span? People who don't know think she's insane.

"You're not going back to childhood?" Gong Ou glared at her, slowly gathering a dangerous light in her eyes. "How can I wear it to Mu qianchu, but not to me?"

"They were all dressed like this at that time, and I can't see it at the beginning of the thousand. "

At that time, mu qianchu was still blind.


Gong Ou looks at her coolly. How could her childhood memory be precious? I can't even wear it to him.

When Xiaonian saw that he seemed to be serious, he stood up, "so I went to change clothes."


Gong Ou is satisfied with his jaw.

When Xiaonian put the uniform on his body, it was made wide, not even in his stomach. The big green and white uniform was embroidered with the name of middle school on his chest.

For a moment, Xiaonian felt that he had crossed back.

She pulled out her long hair from her collar, spread it over her shoulders, and walked out. Gong Ou stood at the dining table with a comb in her hand, and there were make-up mirrors, rubber bands, hair bands and other things on the table.

Seeing that she came out, Gong Ou looked at her up and down, and hooked her up. "It's not enough. Come and sit down."

"What are you going to do?"

When Xiaonian looked at him warily, Gong Oula came near and sat down at the dinner table. He took the comb and began to comb her hair.

When the tip of the comb touched her scalp, she was all numb. She looked at Gong Ou behind her from the mirror and asked stupidly, "what are you doing, Gong Ou?"

"Comb your hair."

The palace and Europe are natural.


When Xiaonian was stunned, Gong Ou blew her hair but didn't comb it for the first time.

Gong Ou combs her long black hair straight, and a slender hand holds the tip of her hair. Xiao Nian sits there stupidly. From the mirror, she only sees Gong Ou's action of combing her hair. The finger bone of that hand is clear, holding the comb and combing it from the hair room little by little.

Her long hair ran through his fingers.

She suddenly remembered a poem she had read before. She forgot how to write it. She only remembered that it was written by an ancient man to his wife. It said that he could pull his hair and thrush for his wife every day, even if the mountains and rivers were not in front of her.

It's a kind of long flowing emotion. She didn't expect that Gong Ou would comb her hair one day.

When small read low eyes, how the smile on the face can not hide.

But soon, she couldn't laugh.

Because Gong ou not only combs her hair, but also ties her hair. He takes a bamboo stick that he doesn't know where to come from and sews it at the beginning. It's all crooked.

Then Gong Ou got angry and began sewing for her.

The sign has been polished from her scalp. Although it's very light, it can't be worn by anyone.

"Gong ou, what kind of hair do you want me to make? I'll do it myself."

Said Shi Xiaonian weakly.

"No, I don't believe I can't even distribute them separately!"

Gong Ou glared at her long black hair.


When small read to cry without tears.

As time went by, Xiaonian could not help lying on the table, looking at his loveless face in the mirror, and letting Gong Ou wear her hair.

Two hours later, Xiaonian's stomach was empty. Gong Ou's paranoia finally gave her a straight head slit.

He also took a picture to show her.

As expected, it is very straight, until there is no error, and the ruler is also horizontal.

"You want me to make a double ponytail, don't you? I'll do it myself. " Said shixiaonian weakly.

"No, I'll make it up!"

Gong Ou broke her last beautiful fantasy by saying that he was addicted to knitting hair.

When Xiaonian falls on the table again, Gong Ou begins to weave his hair happily. As Xiaonian expected, he can't tie a rubber band well, but he is very competitive, so he practices binding rubber band again and again.

It's not easy to learn how to tie the rubber band. It's not good to tie, loosen, tighten and loosen.


When Xiaonian fell asleep directly on the table, her head was clenched by Gong ou to sit straight. She rubbed her eyes wearily and looked at herself in the mirror.

The two ponytails are tied very well. It's a good feeling for Lori. She feels like a pervert.

"How is it?"

Gong Ou asked, bending down to her face proudly.


When Xiaonian picked up a mobile phone and looked at it, he tied her ponytail for another two hours.

"Of course, I'm not perfect. I'll make your hair every day."


Can she take back her words.

"Mr palace, bring the dishes." Gong Ou said, after washing his hands and sitting down at the table, Xiao Nian pulled his ponytail and asked, "don't you change your clothes?"

"No change." Gong Ou refuses.


"It's stupid."


When Xiaonian wanted to lift the table, she was too stupid to let her change alone? Don't be shameful!

Gong Ou reaches out and pinches her face, looking at her eyes full of doting, "how lovely!"


After four hours of devastation, Xiaonian just wants to cry.