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Chapter 232, I feel guilty

Gong Ou stood beside her, his black eyes fixed on her face, restrained his jealousy and asked, "shixiaonian, you don't really feel guilty for mu qianchu's death, do you?"


So she's not going to have a dead man's status in her heart all her life? What he wanted was all she had in her heart, not a single cent.

When Xiaonian looked at the lakeside, the wind blew her long hair, her long eyelashes quivered, her voice quivered. "In fact, I'm not good at qianchu, and I'm not as wholehearted as he is."


Gong Ou stood by her side and didn't want to hear at all when Xiao Nian talked about men other than him.

But he also knew that she needed to talk, otherwise she would not be able to hold it, and then she would hold back a psychological obstacle.

"From the beginning of the millennium, when I came home, I went to take care of him, not because I was kind, but because I wanted to cultivate a partner of my own. Because he is a blind man, I don't think he only likes Shidi like others, so I always take care of him and treat him well. " When small read slowly said, the voice has a trace of dumb.

“……” Gong Ou looks at her. Her pale face is full of guilt.

"I'm good to him. I hope he'll be good to me and never leave me." Tears fell from her eyes. "Am I bad?"

She approached mu qianchu with purpose.

But in the end, she let go of Mu qianchu's hand.

Gong Ou leans forward, puts his arm on the guardrail, and stares at her with black eyes. "The woman I'm looking for has no shortcomings!"

Who can say she's bad!

When the tears were blurry, Xiaonian blinked, looked up at the blue sky, murmured, "later, he recovered his vision, lost his memory and was with Shidi. He was very happy. In fact, if I was really good for him, I should let go, but I didn't. I kept pestering him to restore his memory, and didn't want him to forget that he promised me to accompany me all the time My words. "


Gong Ou stared at her, which made him very upset. He just kept back.

Was she afraid of missing company when she was young?

So she's tired of him spending 24 hours with her? Disrelish him despotic, she still chooses people with her!

Gong Ou wanted to break her neck.

"I've been pestering you for six years. Now, why. He has recovered his memory, but I don't want his company anymore and push him away again and again. "

Thinking of this, Xiaonian felt more guilty. She squatted down slowly, her arms around her knees, and closed her eyes regretfully.

"It's none of your business whether he loses his memory or recovers it!" Gong Ou looked down at the squatting on the ground and said, "because you are mine!"

She was destined to be his.

Mu qianchu doesn't lose her memory, nor will she be with mu qianchu!

"Qianchu must hate me. He didn't want anything for me. He hurt me so many times, but I ignored him. I didn't even see him again before he went to France." When Xiaonian closed his eyes and his voice was sad, "he must have hated me before he left."

At the thought that mu qianchu had been waiting for her at the last time, but she didn't go, she felt guilty.

Hearing this, Gong Ou frowns unhappily. Isn't he to blame again?

"Hello! Time is small! "

Gong Ou crouches down in front of her and stares at her with black eyes. "Don't say I'm tyrannical, I'll give you three days of sadness. After three days, you will give me the same as before! Only me in my eyes and heart! Do you hear me? "

In front of her, he found a step for himself.

He's going to run out of steps all over the world.


When Xiaonian squatted there, he was not in the mood to make trouble with Gong ou. He said softly, "you still need to help me find qianchu, OK?"

She still can't believe that she died like this at the beginning of the millennium.

Gong Ou clenched his teeth and pointed to his eyes. "What is it here?"


I didn't understand him at that time.

"Jealousy - jealousy!" Gong Ou grits his teeth and shouts, "the search and rescue team has already searched and rescued. What can I do for you?"

I don't want to help him!

If you have time, you might as well go and help some hope primary schools!


When small read bite lips.

"Get up! Go home! " Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian squatted.

Gong Ou stared at her, and finally had to compromise in a cold voice, "I see, I will find it for you! Go home, little ancestor! "

He grabbed her from the ground, pushed her into the car, then sat on it, and said, "if I die one day, I don't know if you will be so sad!"

When hearing the words, Xiao Nian glared at him.

"What are you staring at me for? Do you still want to get angry with me? "

He's had enough today!

She dared to stare at him like that.

"Can you stop talking nonsense and say it so easily if you are immortal?" When small read to glare at him to say.

"Why can't I just..."

"Shut up! Gong Ou! "

When small read a pair of eyes stare round, some angrily stare at him, tone is very heavy, do not allow him to use this kind of thing to joke at all.


Gong Ou sits beside her and looks at her real expression. She can't speak at once. The tyranny on her face gradually subsides. She turns around and says in a low voice, "shut up and shut up."

He has a bigger temper than him.

What kind of woman.


For days on end, the search and rescue team only recovered some wreckage of the plane and found several remains, which were all completely unrecognized.

After identification, it's not moqian Chu.

At this time, shixiaonian no longer wants to hear any news about the identification of the body in the news, she would rather not hear it.

Can't hear, she can still deceive herself, mu qianchu is still living in a corner, not dead.

When the sun passes through the glass window, Xiaonian sits on the floating window, leaning against the wall, holding his knees with both hands, and looking out at the scenery from the side of the window. The forest is in the distance.

She looked out, but her eyes were out of focus, a maze.

"Xiaonian, if you leave today, we will break up!"

"Xiaonian, has my respect for you become your indulgence?"

"Since I have recovered my memory, you are the only one I believe in, and you are the only one who is bright in my world."

"As long as you know that you leave my sight today, we are saying goodbye to each other."

And mu qianchu's last experience reappeared before her eyes.

You leave my sight today, we just say goodbye.

It turns out that this is not a word of pique. They really say goodbye to each other, but why do they use this way and why

If she had known that she would become what she is today, she would have talked to Mu qianchu well that day.

What hurt her most is mu qianchu, who suffered too much for her. In the end, mu qianchu chose to leave other countries because of her open love, and then such a tragedy happened.

Now she is filled with guilt and regret.

The door was pushed open, and Feng de came in from the outside, carrying a plate of appetizer fruit on his hand, and came to Xiao Nian, "Miss Shi, have some fruit."

"I have no appetite. Take it."

When small read sits on float window to say lightly.

"Miss Shi..." Feng de sighed and comforted her. "Miss Shi, as you believe, maybe master Mu is not dead. He just left and doesn't want to contact anyone. Why do you torture yourself? "

To torture oneself is to torture the young master.

Torture young master, that is to torture the whole empire Castle up and down.

In the days since receiving the news of the air crash, Shi Xiaonian has been hiding in various rooms. In addition to talking with the young master, he is silent to others.

The young master also indulges her. He doesn't lose his temper with her. He takes the servant out of his anger.

Three more sets of furniture have been changed in the castle, and it is too late to produce them in other people's factories.


When small read silence, did not speak, just looked out.

Feng de sighed helplessly and turned to leave. After thinking about it, Feng de couldn't help but say, "just when I'm talkative, Miss Shi, you're only sorry for admiring the young master, don't you care about the young master?"

Smell speech, when the long eyelashes of small read lightly quiver, turn head slowly to see to Feng De, "what happened to Gong Ou?"

Gong Ou has been very good these days.

It may be that he has been jealous and suspicious at the beginning. He has not said anything to her in these two days. She is sorry for Mu Qianchu.

"Didn't Miss Shi watch the news?"

Asked Fengde.

When Xiaonian shook her head, she didn't want to hear any bad news, so she refused to listen to it.

"Now there is a conspiracy theory in the public opinion, saying that the young master made an air crash for the sake of seizing the beauty alone, and your sister has innuendo in front of the media, which cannot be suppressed." Feng de said, "the young master hasn't been in charge of it these two days. He has been thinking of coaxing Miss Shi to be happy."

"How could this happen? I haven't heard of Gong OTI. "

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement.

When the flute doesn't stir the earth, it's not willing, is it? Go to rumor again.

"Young master should be afraid that Miss Shi will know and then increase the burden." Feng de sighed and then said, "but I think it's right to feel sorry for the young master, but I can't ignore the young master when I'm young."

"I'll see him. Where is he? "

When Xiaonian didn't think much, he got down from the window and ran out in his slippers.


Seeing this, Feng de breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Miss Shi hasn't completely left the young master behind.

When small read some anxiously to run outside, until the studio door.

The door was ajar.

When Xiaonian didn't go in at once, he looked in through the open door, only to see a lot of computers hanging on the wall inside. One of them was fully open, showing every code she couldn't understand.

In the middle, Gong Ou sits on a massage chair with a keyboard on his knee. His long fingers are pounding on it like playing the piano.

She looked at Gong ou, his face cold, his brow tight.

Suddenly, he threw the keyboard aside, his whole body full of annoyance, as if he had a deep hatred with the keyboard.


When small read Zheng ground to see him this one eye.

When she saw him these days, he was fine. Unexpectedly, he was still so irascible in private. Was he bothered by the public opinion?