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Chapter 159 If you don'st return, I'sll do it

When Xiaonian and Alan walked out of the bedroom, Alan said, "I asked the doctor and the nurse to come and look after me."

She closed the door gently.

Only to hear Alan's cell phone ring, he frowned to pick up the phone, "second miss."

Time whistle?

When small read Zheng under, immediately see Allen frown hate to knot, "yes, when two Miss, yes, yes, yes, always is now resting. Miss Shi Er, Mu always has broken up with you. You shouldn't scold anyone around him so badly. Yes, I know you helped... "

This call took a long time.

Alan put down his cell phone, sighed, and looked at shixiaonian and said, "Shier young lady knows that you have stopped the signing ceremony, and it's noisy again."


When I was wondering.

"Since the announcement of general manager Mu's break-up statement, miss shi'er has often come to see general manager mu. If she wants to get back together, general manager Mu refuses, then miss shi'er always..." Ellen paused and smiled bitterly. "Speak ill of you."

"She and Dad were wrong from the beginning."

When small read when the flute has no half sympathy, they will mu qianchu as a puppet manipulation for six years, now want to compound, how can it.

Alan nodded.

"Did I make a lot of trouble stopping the signing ceremony?" When small read ask.

"You are Shidi's sister. Now you are the headline of entertainment and finance." Alan hands her cell phone. "Do you want to see it?"

"No more."

When small read to refuse, some headache ground pressed head.

It's not pleasant to become famous all over the country in this way.

Cell phones.

When Xiaonian thought of her mobile phone, she turned it to mute and turned off the vibration.

She took out her mobile phone and saw that there was only one power on the screen of her mobile phone, and 186 calls were missed, all from Gong ou.

There is no SMS.

When Xiaonian looked at the number in shock, he actually made 186 calls to her.

Do you want to be so crazy.

This meeting, Gong Ou must be thinking about how to skin and bone her?

Suddenly, a short message jumped into her mobile phone. It was sent by Gong Ou --

Shi Xiaonian. I'll give you the last chance. Now come back and let me see you!


Gong Ou always seems to say that he should see her all the time and be bored with her 24 hours a day. It seems that he is very affectionate.

But how can a affectionate man regard a woman as superficial, and how can he calculate her playmate when she is young on his back.

How dare she go back to his side.

He has poured her a basin of cold and biting water. How can she warm her cool heart again.

When Xiaonian didn't reply to the message, Gong Ou's message entered her mobile phone again --

OK! If you don't come back, I will!

If you don't come back, I'll come.

What does he want to do?

She put away her cell phone, went to the balcony to blow, let the wind blow away the chaos in her head.

When small read low eyes to look downstairs, saw downstairs standing a lot of tall bodyguards, in four rows, standing in front of the villa.

"This is?"

When Xiaonian looked at Alan doubtfully.

I didn't see it when I first came.

"Mr. Mu said that as long as the eldest lady is in the Mu house, no one can take you away." Alan said, "these people are specially sent to protect Shida."

Then I saw an antique car coming slowly to this side in the distance.

The antique car stopped in front of the villa. A man in a straight suit came down from the car, looked up at them on the balcony, and bowed his head. "Miss Shi, Mr. Mu Lao asked you to go to the main house. You need to see Miss Shi."

I know her.

"Distinguished guest?"

When small read stunned.

"Mr. Gong ougong is here." Said the man.

Gong ou.

When hearing the name, Xiao Nian's face was numb. The original meaning of the message was like this.

She won't come back. He'll see her.

There is really no place in the world that he can't go to. He will find Mu's house.

Can't wait to remove her bones?

Alan stood aside and noticed that Xiaonian's face went white inch by inch. He said, "do you want me to invite Mr. Murong?"

"No, he had a hard time falling asleep."

When Xiaonian shook her head without hesitation, she didn't want to bother to admire qianchu any more.

"Then are you going to the main house?" Alan asked.

When Xiaonian clenched his hand, his teeth bit his lips.

The one who should come will always come and cannot escape.

She looked down at the bodyguards and asked, "can I really not be captured?"

She has promised mu qianchu that she will stay until he is well. She doesn't want to break her promise.

"Gong Ou has great power, but this is mu Zhai. The manor has a history of hundreds of years. It has a comprehensive security system and many bodyguards. He can't do anything to you in the manor again." Ellen said, this is what mu qianchu told her.

Mu qianchu had expected that gongou would come after him.

"Well, then I won't go." When small read firmly, to the following man said, "please tell Gong ou, I don't want to see him again."

"Miss Shi, Mr. moo would like you to come." The man below shouted, "it's very difficult for Mr. moo if you don't go."

Smell speech, when small read Zheng under, then understand what, ask, "is Gong ou and uncle Mu do what trade?"

"Mr. Gong promised Mr. Mu that as long as you leave with him, the baomu group will be safe."

The man below said in a nutshell that there was nothing to hide.


Sure enough.

When Xiaonian guessed, she turned to look at Alan, "I'll go."


"Don't worry, I won't go with him until the first thousand years of illness. I will send him away." Shi Xiaonian said, go inside.

Alan completely obeyed mu qianchu's orders and drove carefully in person. He made a circle around the manor and sent Xiaonian to the main house.

The bodyguards followed.

The main house of the manor is magnificent.

When Xiaonian got out of the car and walked into the hall, she saw Gong Ou sitting in a corner of the sofa, wearing last night's shirt pants, which were a little wrinkled.

He had short hair, a heavy face, and a thin lips.

There was an unspeakable depression throughout the hall.

Feng de stood behind Gong ou, his aged face haggard and struggling to stand there.

On the sofa opposite to Gong ou, Mr. Mu Lao was sitting there. His spirit was worse than that of Feng de. he described his emaciation.

When I was young, I met Mr. mu. At that time, he was very energetic. It seems that this attack is really a disaster to the Mu family.

Both father and son have become so ill.

Gong Ou raised his face abruptly, stared at the group of bodyguards behind her with black eyes, sneered contemptuously, "do you think these wastes can stop me?"

"Uncle mu." When Xiaonian ignored him, he bent over to Mr. mu.

"Xiaonian, we haven't seen each other for a long time." Mr. Mu is a smart man. Instead of talking to her, he just said, "I won't say more about some things. For the sake of qianchu and Mr. mu, go back with Mr. Gong."

Gong Ou raised his eyes and looked at her with high Qi. "See? You are not welcome. Come back with me! "

"Mr. Gong, I have a question for you."

When small read lightly say, raise Mou to face to palace Europe dark eye, force oneself calm.

"What do you call me?"

Mr. Gong?


"Ten hours ago, you were still in my bed! This is Mr. Gong? " Gong Ou sneers sarcastically, but his handsome face slowly shows his anger. His side hand has already grasped his fist, and he bursts out at any time, "Shi Xiaonian, you lose your memory so quickly."

On the way to the main house, Xiao Nian was ready to fight with Gong ou, but at this moment, his explicit words cut her flesh like a sharp knife, which made her hurt so much.

She felt that Mr. moo, Alan and the bodyguards all looked at her in the same way.

When he is good to her, Gong ou can be shocked;

but when he humiliates her, he never cares about her self-esteem.

When Xiaonian bowed his head, calmed down, and then raised his face to look at him. He tried to calm down and said, "Mr. Gong, are you sure that if I leave with you, you can protect the Murdoch group from danger and stop dealing with mu qianchu?"


Gong Ou sat there and looked at her coldly, his eyes growing gloomy.

He came to meet her in person, and she dared to admire him!

"Isn't this a deal you have made with Uncle mu? Is that so? " Asked shixiaonian, staring at his handsome face.

"So what?"

"Do you swear?"

"What?" Gong Ou's eyes are sharp.

"Swear you'll let go of muqianchu." "You can swear, in the name of your brother," he said

She knew what he cared most when she was around him for so long?


Gong Ou's face sank immediately, and he sat up straight on the sofa. His face was completely embarrassed, and his eyes stared at her.

Feng de stands behind the sofa and looks at Shi Xiaonian in shock. She doesn't know the story between the young master and the brothers. How can she still say that.

She's not afraid to stimulate the young master?

"You can't swear in the name of your brother." Xiaonian chuckled and looked at his gloomy face with some contempt. "You can't be trusted at all."

“……” Gong Ou stares at her, his eyes are gradually full of scarlet, the smell of killing and stabbing, and all his emotions are depressed. He says, "repeat what you said to me!"

Did he hear her talking to his brother.

When Xiaonian turned to look at Mr. Mu as if he hadn't heard it, he said, "Uncle mu, you see that not everyone can promise a fortune, but he just lied to you."

Mr. Mu has been in the shopping mall for many years. Seeing Gong ou like this, he knows that everything is not so easy to talk about.

Nowadays, young people are controlled by the relationship between men and women, and honesty is not worth mentioning at all.

Mr. Mu frowned and stood up from the sofa. "Since Mr. Gong is insincere, please help yourself."

The servant helped Mr. moo to leave.

In the hall, only the bodyguards stood behind shixiaonian, and Gong Ou sat on the sofa, looking at her with sinister eyes, "shixiaonian! Do you know what you're talking about? "

His voice was so angry that it was not angry.

It's elegant, it's slow, but it's irrational.