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Chapter 866 the attack of Xiaonian

From the past to the present, only shixiaonian is unique to the young master.

When Xiaonian looked at him, "adoptive father, you really can comfort people."

She must admit that jingfengde said that the haze in her heart had been removed a lot.

"This is the truth. Besides, how many products do you have now without you? How many products do you have because you inspired him?" Feng de said with a smile, "without you, I'm afraid there are not necessarily Mr series robots up to now."

When Xiaonian smiled, he said, "father, if you keep talking about it, I can float."

"So, Xiaonian, don't care about all the eyes in the secular world. You have never despised yourself before, and now you can't even despise yourself." Feng de said, went forward to take away the magazine in front of her.

He thought that some people in the magazines could not match the young master when they were talking about it. The young master usually didn't pay attention to these magazines, but gave these people a chance to take advantage of it.

It seems that he needs to clean up for the young master and shixiaonian.

"That's right. I can't live longer and go back." Xiaonian chuckled, stood up and went to liulitai, wiped his hands, opened the lid of the pot and looked at the soup he cooked. He said, "by the way, my adoptive father, has Li Qingyan gone abroad?"

"No, she has to pack up. I didn't force her if the young master didn't tell her." Said van der.

When Xiaonian put on the pot cover, turned to Fengde and said softly, "today, several male employees ran to me to plead for her, even to slander me. I don't think they would plead for her without her. These male employees wouldn't work hard for N.E's work."

Li Qingyan is not a simple woman. She has a set of means.

"How could she do such a thing?" Feng De's brow frowned. "Which staff are you? I'll report to the young master."

Let the young master know, these people will understand that it's not just the job loss.

Shixiaonian shook his head. "No, Gong Ou is very busy these days. Don't bother him with such things."

Gong Ou regards her as more important than her work. Feng de once said that Gong Ou is bound to let go of her work again. Then she is not a compliment to the king of Zhou Youwang.

"I'll send Li Qingyan abroad at once. Although her family has a little background, I can handle it."

Said Fengde.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "No."


"Li Qingyan started with a letter, went to work at N.E., went to the secret library, impressed Gong ou with her, captured people's hearts, and kissed Gong Ou in the name of the game." Shi Xiaonian said, analyzing Li Qingyan's behavior, "she didn't know Gong Ou had a grumpy temper, and she dared to do so, which made me think she had plans step by step."

From shallow to deep, I also want to cover up everything with a game.

Feng de stood aside and listened, "you mean..."

"So I don't think she will give up at will. Even if she is sent abroad, and now the network and communication are so developed, she can command the men who regard her as the goddess at any time." When Xiaonian's eyes turned, he said, "instead of sending her abroad to let her control N.E wantonly, we can't defend against it. We should put it under our eyes. I can see what she does."

Wen Yan, Feng de can't help laughing, "let's read that this is to fight junior?"

Xiaonian clearly wants to Hang Li Qingyan for a long time.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, "do you think I'm still jealous?"

"Isn't it?"

Feng de said teasingly.

When small read whispered to hum a, way, "who let her kiss Gong ou, who let her not stop, who let her so much."


It was because of that kiss.

So it's not a man's way for a woman to be stingy. Feng de smiles and shakes her head, and dotes on her unconditionally. "OK, what Xiaonian says is what I'll send someone to stare at Li Qingyan. I'll tell you as soon as she has any moves."

"Thank you, father."

Smile when reading.

"As long as you are happy." Feng de packed the dishes for her one by one, and they will be sent to gong'ou company later.


When Xiaonian sipped her lips, turned her eyes and looked at Fengde, "Yifu, do you think I need to do something to erect the image in N.E? Being disturbed by Li Qingyan, everyone thinks that I am a vase at home, which also damages the image of Gong ou. "

But let her go to the company to do the things of Li Qingyan, she really can't do it.

"Xiaonian, you've done enough. I just hope you're good."

Feng de said that he thought it was impossible for the young master to care so much about his image.

Smell speech, when small read bitterly smile, "also ha, want to please so many people at once, erect good image, without Li Qingyan's those methods are not good."

But she didn't have those abilities.

However, it doesn't mean that she can't learn. Even if she can't master everything, she can at least make some efforts.

"Adoptive father. Let me have a look at some of the reports that Gong Ou praised and scolded. "

Xiaonian's eyes brightened.

"See what that does?"

Feng de did not understand.

"It's idle, too."

Xiaonian said with a smile, secretly happy for the efforts he can think of, and always very happy to do something for the people he likes.


After lunch, Gong Ou sat at his desk and drank water for his business. The codes in the air were changed one after another.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa far away, the tea table was covered with a large number of documents and reports, and he was holding a pile of them in his hand.

It's too late for her to learn the data, but she found that Gong Ou was critical of typesetting. When Xiao Nian mainly turned over the report submitted by Li Qing, he found that there was a certain unity in both text typesetting and table typesetting.

It's not that no one has imitated the typesetting of Li Qingyan, but it's still sprayed by Gong ou.

Why on earth?

Gong Ou is a paranoid, pursuing perfection is almost morbid. Even if she dumplings several dumplings, Gong Yu must pinch the dumplings side by side and pinch the same angle, otherwise he will feel uncomfortable with one hundred insects.

Therefore, although Gong Ou has not been unified in typesetting, some people do not do well, and he will be in a bad mood after reading.

It must be.

Shi Xiaonian thought so. Then he picked up a ruler and measured two similar forms. He measured them from all angles. In some places, the error is less than a millimeter. Then Gong ou could not stand it?

Will it be too exaggerated.

When Xiaonian stood up and walked out of the door, he went to Li Qingyan's desk. The desk was clean. There were a lot of notes on the partition board. All of them were given to Li Qingyan by some colleagues. They said that they would wait for her to come back and work together.

It's very popular.

When Xiaonian stood in front of Li Qingyan's desk, she was immediately surrounded by many eyes and whispered low.

"What's the matter? It doesn't count to drive Secretary Li away, but also to lift the desk?"

"It's too mean. I don't know what the president likes about her."

"It's not good to be her president's wife. She's also involved in the company. What can she know? I'm really tired of such hegemony."


When Xiaonian didn't hear it, she didn't want to show more excitement. Gong Ou couldn't find it automatically. She looked around and finally found a pile of thick paper lying aside.

The above is a repeated sheet of forms, with the naked eye almost no difference.

"Madam President, these are for breaking. Please give them to me." When a colleague came to rush, he was not very angry, Xiaonian said.

"To be broken?"

In other words, she did not guess wrong.

Li Qingyan really studied the perfect typesetting that Gong Ou liked, and then practiced and adjusted it over and over again, so he made a pile of waste paper to ensure that what he got in front of Gong Ou was the most perfect.

n. E there are so many employees, I'm afraid Li Qingyan is the first one to study the perfect typesetting in Gong Ou's mind, but she has really studied it out. I'm afraid even Gong Ou didn't expect to have a set of faultfinding typesetting rules.

The layout is pleasing to the eye. Even if there is a little error sometimes, it is also a bonus in Gong Ou's subconscious mind. It will not get angry too much.

Good intentions.

Li Qingyan really works hard for Gong ou.

When Xiaonian opened the chair in front of his desk and sat down, he began to summarize the layout data of the table, the distance from each side to white paper, and the distance between rows, columns and columns.

"Look, she sat down."

"What does she want to do?"

"Hello, Qingyan, the president's wife has sat down at your desk. I feel that she is going to drop your desk."

Even someone called Li Qingyan in a low voice. She has a good hearing. Can't she do it too much during working hours.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes and glanced coldly, a group of people immediately began to work.

After finishing the table layout, Xiaonian stood up and went to the central public board, pasted the table on it, and immediately an employee came forward.

When Xiaonian turned around and looked at them, he smiled lightly and pointed to the form on the public signboard. "This is a standard form template. I have marked all the data on it. If you want to hand in the most perfect form in front of Gong ou, click here."

As soon as the voice came to an end, the staff suddenly felt led by the incompetent people and said, "Madam President, don't tell me if you don't understand or don't tell me. You are still accurate to Simi. How can we do this?"

"That's right, and this kind of grid can only have 15 lines. Then I have 16 lines. I can't put them on the second page for a single line."

When Xiaonian was standing there, he was not impatient. He waited for them to say, and then he said coldly, "this is the research of your goddess Li Qingyan. Don't you believe me? Don't you believe her?"

Words fall, a group of people shout.

"Why do you get Gong Ou's praise for your report after Li Qingyan's hand modification?" Shi Xiaonian said, looking at their faces, he smiled, "that's because Li Qingyan studies the perfect layout in Gong Ou's heart."