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Chapter 687 being my mother

Gong Yao raised his head and looked at shixiaonian. He put down the things in his hands. There was no undulating tone in his tender voice. "I pinched sunflowers."

It's not yolk.


The whole kitchen was silent.


Where is it like sunflower? It's clear that it's egg yolk.


Bob, who has been standing quietly beside Xiaonian, can't help laughing. Then Gong Kui laughs mercilessly. Xiaonian's children laugh so hard that they turn their heads to hold their laughter.

Gong Ou stood there, glanced at them with black eyes, then took the Yellow pimples and put them into Gong Yao's hand, coldly saying, "who allows you to put them down? People say you're not good, you give up? Is there anyone like that? "


Gong Yao stood on the chair and listened in silence, his eyes half drooping.

"Even if the whole world says you're not good, you can't give up, you have to prove it to others, you can! Otherwise, what's the point of living? " Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian stopped smiling and looked at Gong Ou accidentally, she suddenly thought that she was cut off from food and water in the forest at that time. When she came out, Gong Ou also talked to her like this.

If someone doesn't believe you, you'll try to find evidence to take it back to that person's head! What's the use of death!

That was the tone of his voice.

It's like a slap in the face that wakes her up.

Gong Ou is such a person. He clearly provoked the trouble. But he can scold you in the end, which makes people think it's good! When

was thinking about it, he saw Gong Yu and looked at Gong ou. Then he began to start kneading sunflower again. It seemed that he also felt that Gong Ou had a reason, just like what she used to be.

"It's like my Gong Ou's son!"

Gong Ou is satisfied.


Gong Yao kneads the sunflower silently. Gong Ou dislikes it. Gong Yao doesn't say anything. He just lets him dislike it. The more frustrating it is, the braver it is. He never gives up again.

A father son relationship.

When Xiaonian smiled, his eyes were warm.

Gong Kui was laughing and occasionally helped Gong Yao.

Bob stood and looked at them, his eyes full of envy.

When Feng de came into the kitchen, he heard a lot of laughter. He saw that in a pile of flour powder flying, two adults and three children were quite harmonious.

"Young master."

Feng de makes a sound.

Gong Ou is looking down at the egg yolk in Gong Yao's hand. Hearing this, he looks up at Feng de and says, "why?"

"That..." Feng de was about to say that when he suddenly looked at Bob, He taboo said, "young master, what you are most concerned about has progressed. Do you want to go and have a look now?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes are deep and his voice is cold. "I see."

He turned to look at shixiaonian and said, "I'll go first."


Xiaonian nodded and watched him and Fengde leave. She looked down at a bunch of cakes on the table, and then turned her eyes to Bob who stood there and learned how to make cakes.

Tang Yi should be awake.

Bob is holding the dough in his hand. A smile appears on his white and clean face. His eyes are rarely shining. He looks at shixiaonian and raises the dough in his hand.

"Well done."

Smile when reading.


After being praised, Bob was very shy and buried his head low for fear that others would see him laughing.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him like this, he fell into deep thought. I wonder if Tang Yi can be a competent mother and bring happiness to Bob all the time.

The child smiles so well that she doesn't want it to go away.

When everyone kneaded her cake, Xiaonian put it into the oven and washed it with their hands. After a long time, they only heard the sound of "Ding". The oven reminded them that they had finished baking.

Gong Kui immediately ran after him and shouted, "I want to eat Holly's sunflower biscuits. I want sunflower biscuits."

"Don't worry, there will be soon."

Shi Xiaonian said, put on insulating gloves to open the oven door, take out the tray covered with biscuits from the inside, put it on the dining table, and dissipate the heat.

"Wait a little longer, don't worry."


After waiting for a long time, Gong Kui grabbed the sunflower biscuit and put it into her mouth and bit it, which made her speechless. She gave Gong Yao a big thumbs up and said, "holy did a great job."

Xiaonian smiled and said, "come on, I'll tell you what you've made and taste it to see if it's delicious."

When Xiaonian divided the biscuits into plates one by one, took a plate of heart-shaped biscuits and handed them to Bob. "Bob, this is what you made. Try it."


Bob took the plate carefully, his eyes fixed on her.

When Xiaonian stooped to continue to divide the biscuits, the apron tied to her waist was pulled. She lowered her head, and saw Bob standing there looking at her, stretching out her hand and opening it. There was a heart-shaped biscuit made obliquely.

When small read Leng a few seconds, immediately understand his meaning, "you are to invite me to eat?"? Thank you. "

She took the biscuit and put it into her mouth and took a bite. She was generous and praised, "the delicious biscuit is really delicious."

Smell speech, Bob looked at her excitedly, two small hands clenched to wash, lips moved several times, finally asked difficultly, "you, do you like it?"

"Yes, my aunt likes it very much."

Xiaonian said with a smile, putting the biscuit in his mouth and keeping busy.

Suddenly a tender voice sounded beside her, "be, be my mother."

The voice was full of restlessness and anxiety, and there were endless expectations.


When small read completely stupefied, low eyes look at Bob, mouth still contains biscuits, a word can not say.

Bob stood there, his face red, his little hands wringing harder, his eyes looking at her, writing nervously, "you, you are me, mom, OK, OK?"

When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui, who were eating biscuits, also looked at Bob with surprise.

For a while, Gong Kui laughed, "Mom, you'll be his mother, so I have a brother!"

"You have a brother."

Gong Yao pours cold water on her.

Bob stood there, ignoring what Gong Kui had said, and just looked at Xiaonian. There was no ferocity in his eyes. There was only one child's pure expectation. He seemed to hold his breath and waited for her answer. He was too nervous.

When Xiaonian ate the biscuits in his mouth, then pulled Bob away, and said to the twins, "you go to study, I'll take Bob away."

When Xiaonian walked out with Bob, she went into a quiet living room. She sat down on the sofa, took Bob's arm in her hands, and stared at her with black and white eyes. "Bob, Auntie and you have a good conversation, OK?"


Hearing this, Bob seems to have understood something. His little face becomes redder and his eyes flash with disappointment.

"You said that you wanted your aunt to be your mother. She was really moved. Thank you for letting me take such a big responsibility." But Bob has a mother. She's just not here for the moment. She'll come back

Bob stood in front of her, lowered his head, bit his lower lip several times, and said, "she doesn't want me."

Tang Yi was really selfish when she left, but anyway, she secretly went to see Bob as soon as she escaped, which was still a bit of a mother's conscience.

When Xiaonian didn't want to smear his mother in front of Bob, she took out her mobile phone and called up a picture, which she took for Bob and twins in the supermarket.

"Look." When Xiaonian put Bob in her arms, enlarged the picture, pointed to the humanity of half figure behind the shelf, "that's your mother, she has been secretly watching you."

Bob reached out his little hand and grabbed her mobile phone, looking at the vague figure, asked stiffly, "secretly?"

"Well, Bob's mother has a problem. She will come to pick you up when she's done with it, OK?"

Said shixiaonian gently.

Bob is very thin, only long and short of meat. Standing in her arms, she is afraid of hugging him. Bob looks at her, and his lips move several times. Finally, he looks down helplessly.

"What's the matter? I have something to say directly in front of my aunt, OK?"

He encouraged her in a whisper.

Smell speech, Bob just pluck up courage to look at her again, stretch out small hand to point to her, "I, I want you to be a mother, don't want her."

It's hard for Bob to say such a long sentence, but I didn't expect it when I read it.

She didn't expect Bob would have such deep feelings for herself. She took care of Bob because he was so poor, she also taboo his vicious character, or because he protected Xiaokui to take him home.

I didn't expect Bob to take her as his mother unconsciously. He would never open his mouth if he didn't expect too much from the bottom of his heart.

From the beginning to the end, she didn't want to adopt Bob.

Suddenly, when Xiaonian didn't know how to face the most expectant eyes of the child, she looked at him and said, "but Bob has his own mother, so it's better to be a godmother for Bob than auntie? After Bob and his mother go back, they can often come here and play with aunts, younger brothers and sisters. "

Bob is a very sensitive child, and he seems to know everything. He comes out of his mind with a little resistance.

Shixiaonian hugs him back.

Bob struggled again. When Xiaonian didn't let him get away from him, he didn't move any more. He looked at her for a long time, and then he began to say, "I'm a bad child."

When Xiaonian frowned, "who says Bob is a bad boy? Bob is a big brother with special responsibilities. When Xiaokui was bullied, it was still your help, right?"

"Then, you don't want me?"

Bob said it over and over again, obviously disappointed.

"Little fool." When Xiaonian looked at him, "everyone has his own mother. In any case, staying with his mother is always the first choice. Do you understand?"

"I don't want her." Bob said quickly this time, "she, don't want me."

It's hard to say whether Tang Yi can take good care of Bob.


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say.

Bob grabs her sleeve, looks at her, and says, "be my mother, I, do, good boy, I, don't fight, I, don't bite."