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Chapter 261. I can'st keep it up

Sheilinlin felt that she was provoking on a stone, which made her a bit boring.

Gong Ou almost put the weight of the whole person on Xie Linlin's body. When he heard the voice, he raised his face and looked at Xiao Nian. A handsome face was obviously intoxicated. His eyes were blurred. His thin lips were hooked with an evil arc. "It's you."

His tone was like meeting an acquaintance on the road, and he said, "it's you.".

But that acquaintance was a little read when she was her girlfriend he made public to the world.


When Xiaonian stood there, his heart seemed to be stabbed with a knife and turned over with it.

She didn't speak. She looked at him so coldly. She saw how close he was to her hand.

Seeing this, Xie Linlin sticks to Gong Ou even more, sticks her surging plumpness to him, holds her thin arms around Gong Ou's narrow waist, and asks coyly, "Mr. Gong, where are we going now?"

Gong Ou's eyes are drawn back from shixiaonian, and she looks down at Xie Linlin. The smile on her lips is evil, and her voice is dumb and drunk. "What do you say? Of course, just find a bed that can solve your little thing! "

As he spoke, Gong Ou touched sheileen's body.


When Xiaonian stood there, his hands could not help grasping the tight side of the skirt, his face became more and more white.

"I hate it, Mr. Gong."

Xie Linjiao didi said to Gong ou, but her eyes proudly looked at Shi Xiaonian, with a winning attitude.

When Xiaonian grasped the skirt more, she felt that it was so difficult to stand here.

"Let's go, Mr. Gong."

Xie Linlin said, supporting Gong ou to go forward, deliberately wiping Xiao Nian's body in the past.

a strong smell of wine mixed with strong perfume of women, when it came into the nose of Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian stood there and watched them pass by, he said coldly, "seal the housekeeper and help the young master back to the bedroom."

At least for now, she is Gong Ou's girlfriend and they haven't broken up.

She still has the right to go to his mischief.

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Feng de could not stand this scene for a long time. When he heard this, Xiao Nian was relieved to swear sovereignty and went to help Gong ou.

"Who dares to touch me! Rebellion? "

Gong Ou pushes away Feng De, yells loudly, turns her eyes to look coldly at Shi Xiaonian's pale face, "I'm gong ou, I'll sleep whoever my mother wants! Who is qualified to manage it? "


When Xiaonian was still standing in the same place, motionless, not looking back, holding on to her skirt.

Who is qualified to manage.

Yes, who has the qualification? He is Gong ou. He is Gong ou. What does he want to do? Can she manage it?

He is on top, she is as humble as mud.

What else can she say but surrender?

"Young master..."

Feng de frowns. Is it a little over the top, young master?

"Shut up! Whose salary do you get? Who wants you to talk! Roll! " Gong Ou's tone was full of rage.

It's just a sentence to take off the child. Is it so difficult?

She would rather see him cuddle other women, he is not in her heart than a child who has not been born.


When Feng de saw that Gong Ou was so furious, he could only retreat to one side and stop talking.

"Don't be angry, Mr. Gong. Let's go." Xie Linlin said in a delicate voice, holding Gong Ou forward.

When Xiaonian stood there, he didn't turn around. He listened to their footsteps, and then he said, "Gong ou."

Her voice, which was of that soft quality, was cold at the moment.

There was a chill of frustration.

Xie Linlin helps Gong ou to go forward again, but Gong Ou stops because of the sound of Xiaonian. Her hand is still on Xie Linlin's shoulder, and Jun Pang is intoxicated.

He stopped and waited for her to say, "what?"

He spoke coldly.

"Gong ou, I don't care if you are really drunk or not."

When Xiaonian stood with her back to him, her eyes were only gray. She slowly opened her lips and said, "I want to tell you that I can bear it once, twice, but I can't bear it all the time."


When small read to continue to say, "a person's feelings and life are the same, is limited, too early to consume anything left."


Gong Ou stood there, wine covered his whole body, his back suddenly straight, a little stiff.

"If you have to play such a boring game, I have nothing to do. As you said, you are gong ou, you are on top, I can't control you, but I will have my own decision. "

With that, Xiaonian didn't look back at them, so he walked forward and walked in the direction of the elevator.

She didn't make a big noise. She didn't make a big noise.

She didn't have a tear up fight with sheileen.

She has a baby in her stomach. She has to think about her baby. If Gong Oufei wants to continue, she has no way.

When Xiaonian left.

"Let's go, Mr. Gong."

Xie Linlin looked scornfully at the figure of Xiaonian who had gone away. What is it? It's not a new person or an old person.


Gong Ou stood motionless, and let Xie Linlin help him to walk to a room. She pushed open a room and helped him to walk to the room with great care.

Xie Linlin helps Gong ou to the bedside and sits down. Gong Ou looks drunk and his eyes are blurred.

Tonight's gong'o is hers.

After being expelled from the imperial castle, she came back!

She proudly plucked her hair, climbed on Gong Ou's leg, sat on him and said softly, "Xiaonian was also proud of her. She seemed to be threatening you when she said that. It's funny. Who are you, Mr. Gong? She's a fart. Right? "

She said as she went to remove the band of his bathrobe.

The next second, she was thrown to the ground, "Bang --"

Xie Linlin fell heavily to the ground. She was so hurt that she opened her mouth, reached for her butt, looked at Gong Ou wrongly, "Mr. Gong, how do you push..."

Her voice suddenly stopped.

Because at this moment, Gong Ou was standing by the bed, the neckline of his bathrobe was half open, giving off an uninhibited breath. His face was cold, and his eyes were staring at her in the dark.

It's not a little drunk.

He's not drunk?

Celine stays.

"What are you? Dare to speak ill of me! "

Gong Ou looks at her coldly, raises his leg and kicks her severely. His voice is gloomy.

"Ah --"

sheileen was kicked and rolled around the floor. She quickly asked for mercy. "I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, I won't say it. I won't say it again."


Gong Ou stares at her coldly. Her face is livid. Then she goes into the bathroom and reaches for the switch on the wall.

The bathroom was bright when it was down.

Gong Ou goes forward and goes to the sink. He presses the button with his palm. The water splashes down. He looks up at himself in the mirror.

The man in the mirror is just an excessive alcoholic.

It's a disgusting face.

Thinking about it, Gong Ou bowed his head and vomited, and the exciting drink rolled out of his stomach, and the pain spread from his stomach, and swam around his body.

"Vomit" - "

Gong Ou vomited to the sink.

Damn it, who gave him those fruits and cakes? It wasn't when Xiaonian took them out with no taste at all. No, they were all disgusting.

Gong Ouda vomited and put his hand on the wall. His stomach ached to convulsion, but he didn't want to stop. He just wanted to vomit all the things in his stomach that didn't belong to Xiaonian, and vomited completely.

"A person's feelings are just like life. They are limited. If they are consumed too early, there will be nothing left."

She said that.

Oh, limited.

There is no limit to his feelings. What is the limit for her? What is the limit!

What can he say? She has her own decision. What does she want? How dare she?

Gong Ou's eyes were full of ruthlessness. He stretched out his hand and smashed it hard into the mirror. The mirror was broken and the pieces didn't fall. There was blood on it.

"Mr. Gong "Ah!"

When Xie Linlin came in from the outside, she saw that the whole mirror was completely broken, which made her jump

Gong Ou took off her hand slowly, and saw the blood trickling down the broken surface of the mirror slowly, which was bright red and shocking.


Gong Ou vomited to the sink again, and the water column washed the strong smell of wine.

Xie Linlin suddenly came to her senses and hurriedly walked forward to help him. "Are you OK, Mr. Gong? Do you drink too much at night? "

a pungent perfume came straight to his nose.

Gong Ou's face flashed with disgust and raised her hand to push her away.


Xie Linlin was pushed to sit beside the wall, and her tears came out because of the pain. Her head hit the wall, and it swelled on the spot. She could not help but look at Gong Ou sadly, "Mr. Gong, how can you do this? I hit my head, it hurts so much."

Sheileen tried to make her tone seem pitiful enough to tempt men.

"Ouch --"

Gong Ou glanced at her, then vomited to the sink again, took up the cup and rinsed for several times as if he had not heard.


Sheilinlin looked embarrassed and unwilling.

Gong Ou stopped looking at her and turned to go out.

When she saw that he was going to leave, she was in a hurry. She sat on the ground and grabbed hold of his pants. She looked up at Gong ou and said in a charming voice, "where are you going, Mr. Gong? Don't leave. Don't leave me alone."


Gong Ou looks down at her.

"Mr. Gong, don't go." Xie Linlin knows her advantages. She immediately holds up her proud chest apparatus, and the visual effect from top to bottom will be more surging.

"Go away!"

Gong Ou has no movement in her eyes. Her face is very cold. She kicks her out and walks out of the room, ignoring the charming voice of Xie Linlin.

Gong Ou goes out of the room. As soon as he goes out, he suddenly doesn't know where he should go.

This is the palace.

He built the whole empire castle.

But for a moment, he didn't even know where to go.

Gong Ou walked step by step, aimless. He went to the wine cabinet not far away, opened the glass door, and took out two bottles of wine.

Seeing this, the servant came to serve immediately and took off the cork. Just about to take the glass, Gong Ou directly took the bottle and poured it into his mouth and drank it all.

A high concentration of alcohol ran down his throat and into his stomach, like a fire