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Chapter 972. Who is an insider?

When Xiao Nian and mu qianchu arrived at the restaurant, the two children had already sat at the table waiting to eat, and saw them coming and jumping off their chairs to say hello to them.

"Have you finished your homework?"

Muqianchu reached out and touched it, pulled out a chair, and asked Gong Kui to sit down. Gong Kui looked into his eyes and said sweetly, "sit down, uncle mu. I have a gift for you."

When Xiaonian accidentally pulls Gong Yao aside and sits down.


Mu qianchu was also surprised.

"Holy said that all the people here listen to you. You are the one who protects us. You must be very hard. I made this for you." The sound of sunflower is sweet.

When the words fell, Xiaonian couldn't help looking at Gong Yao. Gong Yao sat beside her. There was no expression on a beautiful face with distinct features. Her eyes were very dark and deep, like Gong ou.

He has observed the situation here very cleverly. He knows who is in charge, and does not know whether it is good or bad for him.

Gong Kui hands out a yellow pillow case, some humble shy, "Uncle mu, I drew a picture of a little teacher made my picture into a pillow case, for you, it's just that I draw a little ugly."

The pillowcase is really painted with a white puppy, with its tongue sticking out. The strokes are childish but lovely.

Mu qianchu takes it over and touches it carefully. He smiles softly. "Xiaokui must be very good-looking. Your mother liked painting when she was a child."

"I wish you liked uncle mu."

Seeing mu qianchu's acceptance, Gong Kui ran happily to shixiaonian and sat down beside her, smiling.

"How do you know that when I was a kid, mom liked painting?" Gong Yao suddenly opens his mouth, paying attention to something different from others.

Smell speech, mu qianchu Leng next, a time did not speak, when small read the note, "I and uncle Mu are good friends who grow up together."

"It turns out that you were good friends when you were young. When you were like us?" Asked Gong Kui naively.

The chef brought up the fruit soup one by one. Xiaonian smiled and said nothing. He shared the fruit soup with two children and handed over another cup to push mu qianchu away.

Without any more words, mu qianchu's body is forward. A pair of slightly wounded hands are touching the table top, touching the cup, picking up the spoon and putting it into his mouth. He smiles and says, "it's good to drink."

"You just have to be sweet to feel good." When Xiaonian said with a smile, this is what muqianchu was like when he was a child. He was especially afraid of hardship and sweet.

"I don't seem to have any taste at all." Mu qianchu retorted, but he didn't look angry at all.

"I didn't say that."

When Xiaonian bowed to eat the fruit soup in the cup, the chef did a good job as expected, the fruit was cool, this season is the most comfortable to eat in the stomach, even the baby in the stomach has moved several times, I don't know if I like it very much.

Gong Yao was eating his share. Looking at Xiaonian and mu qianchu, a pair of black eyes turned and asked, "when will dad come to pick us up?"

This words let small read choked, suddenly no eating mood.

They are facing danger here, but they can only hold still. Gong Ou doesn't know what he will meet in England. He comes to pick them up I don't know when.

Can Gong Ou come back to pick them up? And can they really wait until the day when Gong Ou comes to pick them up? She really can't think of it. She can only walk step by step.

In a moment of hesitation, Gong Yao looked at her, stood up suddenly, put the unfinished fruit soup on the table, and said, "you told me that Dad would come to pick us up, I think Dad. I'm going to study first. Goodbye

He looked down at them like a little gentleman and turned away.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, he didn't have time to call him. Gong Kui was also busy running away with Gong Yao, like a little follower.

When Xiaonian sat there for a long time, she didn't respond. She looked at qianchu in surprise. "He never told me that he wanted to be gong ou."

She always thought that Gong Yao was very sensitive to Gong Ou's feelings. She wanted to be close and questioned. Unexpectedly, she could make him change after a long time here.

Is this an unexpected good thing?

"Fool." Mu qianchu could not help shaking his head and laughing at her saying, "why don't you understand that he is staring at me for his father."


When Xiaonian was stunned for a moment, he reflected the meaning of Mu qianchu's words. He couldn't help but smile and hold his forehead. He was embarrassed. "Holy is really..."

Does he think there is something between her and mu qianchu?

"This little guy thinks a lot, but it can be seen that he has feelings for Gong ou." Mu qianchu doesn't mind the tunnel at all.

"When small read nods," this also quite surprised me, if Gong Ou knew that holy protects him so behind, must be happy crazy

At the thought of Gong Ou's complacent appearance, she couldn't help laughing.

Mu qianchu sat there, listened to her even breath, reached out and put the fruit soup on the table, "you see, you can laugh now."

When small read touch to their lips, from the heart of the tunnel, "that's thank you."

She had to admit that she had been closed for so long, and her words inspired her a lot.

"I know you haven't really come out yet, and I know you want Gong ou to find out what's wrong with you, and he's the one who inspired you." Mu qianchu said with a light smile.

"He's already busy and in danger." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"So I believe that you can come out and face life positively after this robbery." Said Mu qianchu.

This time, we talk about this.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he looked at mu qianchu's eyes and said, "qianchu, don't you think it's strange? Who on earth would have discovered the disappearance of Gong Ou? "

"Isn't that normal? If someone looks at it deliberately, he will find that Gong Ou is not there. " Mu qianchu doesn't understand why Xiao Nian has to worry about it. Can he catch the traitor?

"Gong Ou appears in the evening. It must come out after going back to his bedroom. Moreover, as Mr Gong, it is impossible for a robot to get so much attention when walking out of his bedroom." Shi Xiaonian said, "and even if someone noticed the robot, but the robot inside is Gong ou, he has no reason not to find."

Gong Ou is such a vigilant person that someone will definitely find out after him.

"It's impossible to follow Gong Ou's discovery. In that way, the traitor will find the secret door and will not try to test us with the sound of artillery." "It may be someone who deliberately knocks on the bedroom door and finds that Gong Ou is not there, so he becomes suspicious," said Mu

When she heard this, Xiaonian became more firm. She looked at mu qianchu and said, "you don't know that Gong Ou's bedroom is not allowed to enter. It's impossible to knock at the door. It's the rule of the palace. Except..."

"Except for what?"

Asked mu qianchu.

"Apart from me and my adoptive father, he is the steward of Gong ou." Shi Xiaonian said that no one dares to break this point in the palace. Even Feng de dare not knock on the bedroom door. Besides, other people are ordered to go around a little bit after passing by and not quarrel.

With that, her heart thumped.

Hearing this, mu qianchu's face changed, "could it be..."

"Impossible." When small read suddenly stood up from the dining table, "the adoptive father is impossible to betray Gong ou, impossible!"

"But you have ruled out all the possibilities, and the rest will never be Reasonable. " Mu qianchu really doesn't want to pour cold water on Xiaonian, but this is her own elaboration.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible." When Xiaonian's face was a little white, "besides, the adoptive father must have gone to England with Gong ou..."

"That's not sure. Gong Ou doesn't worry about you. He will definitely let his sweetheart stay here." Mu qianchu interrupts her, "if the housekeeper is a traitor, it will be complicated. Sooner or later, he will find here."

The Butler's identity is too convenient for him to act. He can't find here today, and he can find here tomorrow.

"The adoptive father will not betray us. If one day I am in danger, he can take his life to protect me." Shixiaonian said excitedly that she would never doubt Feng De's loyalty.

"Xiaonian, don't get excited."

"And if the adoptive father wants to betray Gong ou, he can betray him for a long time. It's useless until now." When small read how all refuse to believe, she really is, how more analysis more wrong.

"Sometimes betrayal doesn't have to be autonomous, maybe forced." He has seen a lot of such moves.


When Xiaonian was stunned, was it the daughter of the adoptive father Is Lancaster threatening to take him?

No way.

No way.

"Xiaonian, what you found is very important. If the housekeeper is a traitor, we can't wait to die. We have to find a way to survive." Mu qianchu stood up and said, turning away to find a way.


When Xiaonian sat there and stared at the dining table in front of him, it was impossible, it would not be. The adoptive father would not be a traitor. The adoptive father was loyal to Gong ou, better to her than his daughter, and he would not harm them.

But how do you explain everything in front of you?

Who can stare at Gong Ou all day without any doubt?

Is the adoptive father really forced by Lancaster? But she can't contact Gong Ou now, otherwise everything will be simple.

When Xiaonian was confused, she went to the end of the corridor alone, stood in front of the door of the utility room, and looked at the door with complex emotions.

She pushed open the door and went in, standing in front of the dark door, her white teeth biting her lips tightly.

The adoptive father will not be confused. Even if his daughter is arrested, he can ask Gong ou for help. Gong ou will not help

Adoptive father, it's not yours, is it?

When Xiaonian went to the secret door, she reached out and tried to push it. She wanted to go to find Fengde and ask for a clear answer, but when she touched her hand, she came back soberly.

No, she will only be cast into the net when she appears in the imperial castle at this time, and Gong ou will not be there.