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Chapter 787 this time, Xiao Yu

A bodyguard fell.

A bodyguard rushed up again.

Luo lie can only stand there and watch, watching the bodyguards around to put Gong Yu down, watching Gong Yu struggling to stand up from the crowd and continue to walk here regardless.

Like the slow down camera, Gong Yu fell down again and again, and even was trampled hard at his feet.

Luo lie looked at it stupidly and shouted, "Gong Yu! Palace! "

At this moment, he can do nothing but call Gong Yu's name.


Gong Yu was once again pushed to the ground. A group of people wanted to tie him up. The Secretary watched the scene from a distance, not impatient, like a weak man's helpless struggle, and how the bodyguards humiliated the young master of the palace.

"Tie it up! Tie him up! "

Cried the bodyguards.

Gong Yu fell on the ground and swept his legs. Once again, he struggled to open the crowd and walked towards Lori.

In fact, he also knew that even if he came to Lori, he could not take Lori away smoothly, but he just wanted to go.

He couldn't catch the plane from the distance it fell into the ocean. This time, he could.


Luo lie watched and clenched his teeth tightly. He could do nothing but do nothing. He didn't expect Gong Yu would come to save him. He would be so desperate.


Gong Yu fell again.

Lori can't remember how many times he fell down. He pushed the railing hard and tried desperately to escape! Get up and go! "

If he doesn't get up, he can only be caught.

Gong Yu really stood up and still walked in this direction. Luo lie cried out excitedly, "go back! Don't come here again! Go back! "

Gong Yu continued to come towards him as if he could not understand. There were fresh blood drops on his head.


Suddenly there was a huge knock on the door, and a group of palace family men dressed in the same clothes rushed back, with a group of pursuers behind them. They didn't take care of it, and rushed towards palace, "big young master!"

"Why are you back?"

Gong Yu stood up and almost fell down again. He was supported by one of his subordinates. They rushed forward to stop the attack for him and said to him, "second young master has given orders. If you don't go back, we don't have to go back!"

Gong ou.

It's Gong Ou again.

His brother has done too much, and he can't save people.

"Besides, we have been under the care of the palace family for many years. How can we leave the eldest young master here alone?" The subordinates said again, protecting Gong Gu and retreating, "big young master, let's go back."

As soon as he heard this, the Secretary on crutches said in a loud voice, "no one wants to go! You can shoot all but Gong Yu! "

"If you dare to hurt one of my people's hairs, I'll kill myself right now and see how my brother kills you, the whole Lancaster family!"

Gong Gu, standing behind the crowd, roared hysterically. His eyes were as red as if they had been stained with blood. His surroundings were full of rage that could not be stopped.

Everyone was stunned.

In my impression, unlike Gong Ou's arrogance, Gong Yu is elegant, noble, proud and peaceful. No one has ever seen Gong Yu like this, including Luo lie.


The Secretary stood there stunned. He was shocked by Gong Yu's words and couldn't react for a moment. He thought about the possibility of Gong Ou's family. Gong Yu there had rushed towards the cell.

"Get him! Leave it all to me! No one wants to get out of this villa! "

The Secretary shouted along.

The two men and horses fight together again. The people in the palace are far less than the bodyguards in the villa. No matter how good they are, they can't resist the siege. They can only shout, "let's withdraw, young master. There's still a trace of life left now."

"I don't want to leave!"

Gong Yu pushed away the people around him and was stumbling again. A fist hit him in the face. He got a raw blow. His eyes were completely blue and his hat was knocked off his face.


The men looked at him in panic.

"Go! Gong, you can go! " Luo lie didn't have time to celebrate the return of those men, and began to hate Gong Yu's stubbornness. "Aren't you fucking dead?"

He swears.

Gong Yu stood there unsteadily, with his short hair in a mess. He looked up at Lori's direction. His lips were curved behind the mask. He reached out and pressed the corner of his eyes. "I can't save you today. I won't have this life!"

"I don't need your help! I won't thank you for saving your life! Go! "

When will he wait until he doesn't leave now? Does he really want to live?

"I won't go!"

As he said this, Gong Yu beat a man who blocked the way to the ground with the help of his subordinates.

"What are you? Gong Yu, I don't have such a good relationship with you. You don't have to give up your life to help me! Go! Go! " Luo lie grabs the hard and incomparable railings and yells at the top of his voice. His voice suddenly becomes hoarse, "go!"

At the end of the day, Lori could only shout away with a tearing voice.

But in his voice, the people were still fighting together, there was no sign of leaving. One by one, the people fell down, and Gong Yu's helpers were fewer and fewer.

Blood splashed all over the wall.

All the people on the ground are dying.

Luo lie is not sure how many times Gong Gu was beaten, but he seems to have nine lives and never fell.

"Don't chop!"

Someone smashed Gong Yu into the back of his head. Gong Yu, who was tired of energy, bent his knees and fell to the ground. His blood flowed over his forehead and touched his eyelashes, like crossing a scar that could not be erased.

He knelt there, his body shaking.

He's holding on, holding himself back.


Lori slowly knelt down in the prison, and he could not stand.

He stared at Gong Yu stupidly, his voice was so dumb that he could hardly hear what he was saying.

the Secretary stood in the distance and looked at the scene. He was shocked. His people were also included in the people who fell to the ground.

How could he not have thought that so many people he had arranged had been knocked down by so few palace servants, and they also fired guns in the middle. What's that? Has the palace trained bodyguards to such a horrible degree? Even more than their family.


Lori pounded on the railing in front of him.

Gong Yu knelt there. He was completely overdrawn by a fierce fight. His head was stunned after a heavy blow. Blood flowed through his eyes continuously. He opened his eyes weakly. The picture in his eyes was shaking. It was shaking badly.

A very blurred picture.

In the picture, Lori kneels there and looks at him anxiously. Gradually, the face is blurred, so blurred that he has an illusion.

Save people.

He is going to save people. He can't die. He can't die. Wait for him, wait for him there. He will arrive soon.

I don't know where the power comes from, Gong Yu stands up again with one hand on the ground, red eyes and staggers forward.

"Don't move! Move again and I'll shoot! "

The Secretary said to Gong Yu with a gun in his hand.

"Gong Yu, don't move!" Lori looked at him nervously, his breath shaking.

Gong Yu looks at Luo lie, his eyelashes are red with blood, his eyes are dim, and his legs are powerless to move towards him, without any hesitation.

Ten steps.

Nine steps.

Seven steps.

Four steps.

Three steps.

One step.

Gong Yu stood there, and with difficulty raised his hand and extended it to Lori, who immediately held him out.

"I did shoot!"

The Secretary exclaimed excitedly, just about to turn the spanner, Gong Yu had fallen down and his long, white hand crossed the edge of Lori's fingernails.

He fell to the ground, breathing faintly, his weak face was covered by a black mask, and his eyes were opening and closing less and less.

Lori knelt on the ground and reached over the railing to catch him.

I can't get it.

It's still ten centimeters away.

It's just ten centimeters away. It's ten centimeters away. He can catch Gong Yu. He wants to wipe the blood off Gong Yu's face. He just wants to wipe it off.

Gong Yu fell there and looked at Luo lie with one eye. His lips moved difficultly. "I'll take you, I'll take you."

Every word, exhausted his strength.

Smell speech, Luo lie kneels there even the throat shakes, the voice is hoarse, "why? Why save me? "

Why should I give up my life to save him?

"I'll take you."

Gong Yu only has this sentence, as if his life only has this meaning, nothing else.

Pain, like a vine, crazily twisted around Lori's body, twisted into his physical strength, tied his heart, twisted absurdly until he could not breathe, twisted until he was in agony.

Looking at the dying Gong Yu, Luo lie kneels there and suddenly laughs. His eyes are covered with water. "Crazy, I can't burn clean, I can't burn clean! I deserve it! "

At that moment, Lori realized that his feelings for Gong Yu could not be recovered or burned completely.

He is doomed.

The secretary came towards them step by step, gun in hand.

Lori put out his hand, and a tear fell from his eyes. He said with a smile, "come on, Gong Yu, give me your hand, let's go together."

Life, together.

Death, together.

Gong Yu fell to the ground. There was a little blood flow on the ground beside his face. There was almost no clean skin on his face.

Hearing Luo lie's voice, Gong Yu blinked, stretched out his hand with Qi deficiency, and touched Luo lie's hand.

Next second, Gong Yu exhausted his last strength and clenched Lori's hand and heart.

"This time, I can take you away, Xiao Yu."

"What do you say?"

Asked Lori in dismay.


Gong Yu fell there. No sound was heard in his ears. His eyes closed slowly and he fainted.

The secretary went over, raised his feet and kicked Gong Yu for a few times. He felt relieved to see that he was moving like a dead man. Not far away, the result of the fight was terrible.

Mr. Lancaster knew that so many people didn't take Gong Yu easily. He must be punished.

However, fortunately, he subdued the people and could not kill Gong ou. However, Gong Yu's trump card was in hand, and he was not afraid that Gong family would not follow suit.