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Chapter 616 the wedding is destroyed


Mona breathed heavily, unable to speak.

"Kill! Why not kill! " Gong Ou stares at her and shouts. Her eyes turn red and bloodthirsty.

It's as if he's the terrible pricker.

Mona was awed by Gong Ou's momentum, and a moment's blank flashed in her mind, but she quickly reacted and said, "I want to see Xi Xiaonian! I want to see her! "

Her plan was originally to see Xi Xiaonian. Xi Xiaonian's kind of woman would surely repent for her son's marriage. Unexpectedly, Gong ou, a lunatic, came here.

She found out today that Gong Ou is the most terrible madman.

"No way!" Gong Ou refuses directly, points to her and says, "today you let my son go, I will give you a whole body, and promise not to trouble Lancaster! You're going to kill my son, and I'm going to make your life more painful than death! "


Mona looked at him, breathing more heavily, holding Gong Yao firmly in one hand and holding her head in the other.

At this moment, she was really confused and didn't know what to do.

If she is not willing to let go, she will die. If she does not let go, she will take the whole family to bury with her. Gong Ou has this ability.

At this time, Gong Ou's mobile phone rings. Gong Ou picks up the phone. It's a call from Fengde.

"Young master, the ceremony is about to begin."

Feng de said on the other end of the phone.

"I see."

Gong Ou cold tunnel, hang up the phone, a pair of red eyes staring at Mona, voice cold as hell to the devil, "want to know? Hurry up, I'm still in a hurry to get married! "

In the face of his son's life, he even said a sentence to hurry to get married.


Finally, I saw off the last group of ladies and celebrities. When Xiaonian sat in front of the vanity mirror, he was relieved.

It's a very painful thing to chat with those people. She should always be careful whether she has said anything wrong and whether she will lose face to the palace family.

The people next to her immediately came up to make up for her and then repaired her hair.

"Young lady, the ceremony is about to begin. Let's go."

Charles said respectfully after Xiaonian.


When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, put his hand on Charles's hand, stood up and left, and the maids immediately pulled up her skirt.

The wedding ceremony was held deep in the woods.

It's a fine day. The sun falls on the lawn through the woods. The guests in elegant clothes gather to talk about things. The maids in maid's clothes shuttle among the crowd, bringing fresh fruits and vegetables, red wine and drinks for the guests.

The musicians in white dress are playing the most beautiful and majestic music.

The ceremony was arranged in a white Western Pavilion, where the priest had been waiting.

When small read a few big trees after deep breathing, the front of a few little flower children are ready, all quietly standing there.

When small read hard to think about the oath to say for a while, must let the wedding be completed successfully, come on.

After the wedding, she didn't need to practice this and that so often.

When Xiaonian closed her eyes, the sun fell on her fine makeup face, jumped on her long eyelashes, and a leaf fell on her pure white wedding dress.

She waited quietly, waiting for the wedding music.

But for a long time, the music didn't ring.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes and looked to one side, he saw not far away Feng de anxiously walking back and forth, holding his mobile phone and dialing again and again.

"Adoptive father." When Xiaonian called out to him.

Feng de came to her, a smile on her anxious face. "There may be something wrong with the signal. Wait a moment, I'll pick up the young master."


When small read unknown place already nod.

"Well." When Feng de turned around and left, Xiao Nian stopped him. "By the way, adoptive father, you find twins and let them come to watch the ceremony. I can't see that they always feel a little flustered."

"OK, I see. I'll bring the twins." Feng de left with a smile.

When Xiaonian continues to wait quietly.

It was a long time, and even Feng de didn't come back. The pastor on the grass was so anxious that he kept asking the people nearby.

Slowly, the guests on the grass looked at their watches and looked around.

When Charles stayed by Xiaonian's side, he called again and again, but failed to get through. When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes suddenly jumped violently.

She pressed her lips, her heart racing.

"What's the matter? What about Gong Ou? "

Luo Qi, wearing a deep blue Palace Dress, came to Xiaonian when she was in court. Her waist was thin, peacock feathers were on her shoulders, and a broad hat made her elegant.

"Madam, I'm not sure. The housekeeper has already asked for it."

Charles stood by and said.

"What time hasn't come yet? What is Gong Ou doing? " Luo Qi is dissatisfied with the tunnel, "let people go to please again quickly."

"Yes, ma'am."

Charles nodded away.

When Xiaonian was standing there wearing a white wedding dress, she still kept a light smile on her face, and clasped the bouquet in her hands.

"Are you and Gong Ou OK?"

Luo Qi looks at Xiaonian and has doubts in her eyes.

Gong Ou's mood has been going back and forth in recent period, which has become very strange. She is a little worried about what happens to Gong Ou at the wedding.

"He may have had some delay."

Xiaonian said with a smile, but there was worry in her eyes.

It's impossible.

This is their wedding ceremony. The ceremony will begin soon. Gong ou can't be delayed by anything unless It's very important.

She was wearing a wedding dress, her mobile phone was not around, and she couldn't reach Gong ou.

"It's better that you don't have any problems. It's not a glorious thing to marry you at first. Now if there are any problems in the wedding, our palace will lose face in front of the clan." Luo Qi said coldly, her face anxious and unhappy.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, and wryly hooked his lips, looking at Luo Qi to change the topic, "how about Gong Jue? Hasn't he come yet? "

I haven't seen Gong Jue's face since I lived in the palace.

Today is Gong Ou's wedding. Is he still here?

"The wedding hasn't started yet. What is he doing out there? Do you clean up your mess? " Smell speech, Luo Qi's tone becomes especially dignified, eyes are not happy to stare at her, as if she said something treacherous.


When small read silently shut up, now is Gong Ou late, is not her late.

After a while, the crowd on the grass is more restless. Many people look at this side. Luo Qi is more and more difficult to settle down. When Xiao Nian pinches the bouquet, his palms are all sweaty.

All of a sudden, a stir came from behind.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw a servant hurriedly running towards this side. He was out of breath and shouted, "madam, it's not good. Master holy has been kidnapped and his face is full of blood. I'm afraid he can't do it."

Smell speech, when the bouquet that small read in the hand fell down, stare at that servant stupidly, "what do you say?"

What do you mean no?

What is kidnapping?

"Really, the woman got into the car with master holy in her arms. She didn't know where to go. The second young master chased her all the way and asked someone to shoot her, but everyone dared not."

Said the servant anxiously.

The guests on the grass heard the wind and left to see what was going on.

Gong Yao.

Her palace Yao.

When Xiaonian ran out recklessly and ran all the way, the long and heavy skirt tripped her, and when Xiaonian fell to the ground and fell in front of the public.

She stood up in spite of the pain, took off the sharp ornaments on her head, gave the skirt a strong stroke, tore it open under everyone's eyes and ran out.

Gong Yao, wait for mom. Mom is here.

When small read desperately to run forward, but very soon, she stopped, only to see a car straight to this side.

A lot of people followed.

There are servants, bodyguards, Fengde and Gong ou.

Gong Ou was still dressed in a suit, with a shotgun in his hand. As he walked, he raised the gun and shot it at the tire of the car.


After the fierce gunfire, the car twisted into the lawn of the wedding ceremony, knocked down the flower arch, knocked over the fruit column, scared all the guests to flee.

When Xiaonian watched in amazement, Gong Ou was still behind the car. There was only a cruel color left on his face. His eyes were red. Holding the shotgun in his hand, he shot again. The tire of the car exploded again and went forward more awkwardly.

Finally, the car stopped when it hit the West Pavilion.

Gong Ou is still holding a gun.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian ran over.

"Stand behind me!"

Gong Ou roared, adjusting the position of his hands, aiming the shotgun high at the business car, his face became more gloomy.


When Xiaonian stepped back, the door of the business car was suddenly pushed open. Gong Yao, who was tied to his hands and feet, sat on the side of the door. Facing them, his face and neck were covered with blood.

And one of them is still around his neck.


When small read see the whole person a blank, tear heart crack lung to call out.

How could this happen.

Luo Qi stood there and saw that Gong Yao, who was full of blood, couldn't accept it at all. She fainted and was held by Charles next to her.

"Shoot, Gong ou, aren't you tough enough? Kill your son in front of Xi Xiaonian! "

Mona hid in the car and held her head against Gong Yao's throat. She cried out in a cruel and happy tone.

"No!" When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and shouted, "Mona, don't hurt my son. I'll give you whatever you want!"

She recognized Mona's voice.

"I want you dead!"

Cried Mona.

With the sound of her voice, Gong Ou fired another shot, and the bullet shot hard into the door, leaving Gong Yao's body no more than 30 cm.


Mona was obviously shocked, and took Gong Yao to hide.

"No, Gong ou, what are you doing?" Shi Xiaonian is frightened by Gong ou. She turns her eyes to Gong ou, her eyes are red, and grasps Gong Ou's sleeve firmly with one hand. "You'll hurt holy like this."

Gong Yao is covered with blood.

"Do you believe me?"

Gong Ou stands there, low eyes glaring at her.

No matter how delicate the makeup is, it can't hide the pallor on her face. She looks at Gong Ou stupidly and nods, "I believe you."