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Chapter 98. He suddenly kisses

Gong ou will return to China in two days. She hasn't selected a gift yet.

When Xiaonian reached out and pressed the Bluetooth headset, the call status was still maintained. There was no sound from Gong Ou's side. It's estimated that, like her now, she turned off the microphone and was busy with other things.



What gift to choose? Who knows what Gong ou will like? People like him have everything.

She didn't ask to be liked by him as long as he didn't lose his temper, but she couldn't think of anything to send.

When Xiaonian had a headache, he left a handbag in his hand and walked aimlessly on the street in the cool night.

Suddenly, she stopped.

There are several vans parked on the roadside in front of us. There are three or two people standing beside the van, either carrying or holding a large SLR camera, shooting somewhere.


When Xiaonian stood aside and looked at them from the shooting angle.

Across the street is Crowne Plaza, the most famous Crowne Plaza Hotel in s city. At the moment, the light at the door of the hotel is dazzling, and a red carpet is directly paved from the door of the hotel to the side of the road.

Several luxury cars are parked at the door.

From the luxury car, there are acquaintances. They are acquaintances that I can't get to know again. Right, now they can only be called acquaintances.

Because legally, there is no relationship between them.

When the adopted father with a stiff suit led his adoptive mother min Qiujun's hand from the luxury car to the hotel, the pace was windy.

Next, is mu qianchu's parents, a noble couple, walking in a much lower key than when Zhong.

Then, with a tuxedo, Shi Di gets off the bus with mu qianchu's arm bent. They walk into the hotel with each other. Shi Di is saying something close to him.

Across the street, shixiaonian couldn't see the expression on their faces, only thought that they loved each other incomparably.

It's them.

When Xiaonian stood by the road, his fingers clenched his handbag.

While taking photos, the reporters chatted --

"hurry up, take two more pictures."

"Shidi is really a winner in life. She married into a rich family and is also a goddess in the entertainment circle. People in Shidi's family rose to the sky with chickens and dogs. You can see that every family feast made her parents walk ahead."

"What do you know? I heard that Shidi's father made a lot of efforts for the position of president of Prince mu."

"It's said that mu qianchu will soon announce that he has become the new president of mu."

"I've heard that the dishes in the crown hotel are very expensive and delicious. It's good to have one bite."

"Come on, they set up a family dinner. How could they invite our reporters?"

"Well, it's also human. People live in harmony with their families, pay back more money and have more rights. We only have to drink the wind and take photos here."


Family dinner.

It turned out to be a family dinner.

When Xiaonian watched those people enter the hotel gate, watched the hand of Shi Di holding mu qianchu all the time, and what they said to their adoptive mother, which made several elders laugh.

Is the family harmonious?

At that time, the family was very harmonious. It would be more harmonious to get rid of her.

When Xiaonian stood there like a log, watching her parents walk into the hotel, it was like when she was a child, she was put in the relatives' house, and then watched them take Shidi to travel

Her surname is the biggest outsider of her family.

It seems that mu qianchu and Shi Di still get along very well. What else does he say to help her? What does he say to give a week and jump out of the game together I don't know whether it's true or not.

When small read looked at a brilliant Hotel, turned around and left alone.

Just like when she was a child, her adoptive parents went to play with the flute. She didn't cry or make noise. She turned around silently.

It's not that she doesn't want to make trouble, but she understands that it's useless to make trouble.

It seems that her life is always like this. In the face of changes, she is always unable to resist and can only bear it silently. In the face of her adoptive parents, it is the same with Gong ou.

She walked alone in the street, passing a hot barbecue stand.

"Give me some beer and kebabs, boss."

Xiaonian stops and says to the boss.

On the barbecue stand, there was a lot of noise, but she was very lonely sitting in it.

She sat there alone, opened a can of beer and poured it into her mouth. Some bitter taste spread in her mouth.

A can.

Two cans.

Three cans.

Pushing the empty beer can, Xiaonian uses his hand as a fan to blow off the alcohol in his mouth, and gets up to check out when he is still conscious.

She can't be really drunk.

Otherwise, it would be bad for Gong ou to call.

"Ha ha."

When Xiaonian walked on the road, he smiled foolishly when he thought about it, and his face was full of satire.

She really failed. Her adoptive parents abandoned her, and she could do nothing. Shidi designed her, and she couldn't do anything. Gong Ou doubted her for no reason, secretly monitored her 24 hours, and she couldn't do anything

When can you get out of it, when can you live two days of your own?

When Xiaonian smiled at himself, he walked on the street irregularly.

Suddenly, she turned.

on the right hand side is a super large shopping arcade advertising area, the lights are bright and dazzling, and a perfume advertisement on it is made by Moore's repackaging.

When Xiaonian looked at it slightly drunk.

seems to be the last time she recommended her perfume to her.

large area advertisement, perfume bottle is higher than her, bottle design is very exquisite and gorgeous, bottle mouth is the appearance of a little elf, the hands are surrounded by the shape of love, it looks like a luxury feeling, the perfume flowing in the bottle is shallow pink, beautiful attractive.

perfume next to a line of slogans -

, my spirit, I just want to remind you...

A very simple sentence.

When Xiaonian stood there, staring at the advertisement, he didn't even think about it for a long time.

A gust of night wind swept her long skirt and skirt, disordered her long hair, which covered her eyes and fascinated her sight.

I just want to think of it for you.

For a long time, passers-by passed her by.

She was still staring at the huge advertisement, at the words on it.

Think of

Who remembers for whom?

Mu Qian, do you know that you still owe me a memory and dare to speak this advertisement in perfume advertisement.

When small read think, the night wind blows her drunk head, she knocked on the head, turn around to go.

As soon as she turned her face, she saw a white convertible Porsche sports car parked on the side of the road. Mu qianchu sat in the driver's seat and looked straight at her.

Time suddenly stops in this second.

When Xiaonian looked at the people in the car, there was no sound.

Mu qianchu looks at her quietly, and the wind blows her skirt. She stands there in a graceful and charming way.

A line of words loomed in the light advertisement behind her.

My spirit, I only want to think of it for you.

A "think" word, let small read again can't distinguish the reality from the past, just stand on the street and stare at the people in the car, a clear and elegant face shows confusion, murmuring, "are you in the early thousand?"

Is it the millennium?

Was it the one who relied on her and held her hand and said he wanted to protect her and marry her for thousands of years?

Is that the man?

"It's me. Why don't you know me?" Mu qianchu chuckles to break the strange atmosphere between them.

Smell speech, when small read to return to the mind come over, all of a sudden around the sound of traffic into her ears, let her wake up.

She stretched out her hand and pressed her head. Drinking some wine was easy to make people confused.

"What's the matter with you?"

Muqianchu looks at her with worried eyes.

When Xiaonian looks at him, he and Shidi walk into the hotel together. She tightens her lips and turns away without saying a word.

Mu Qian immediately opened the door to get out of the car and quickly chased her. "Xiaonian, what are you running for?"

When small read to the light is not so thick Lane stride, footsteps some sway.

"Xiaonian --"

mu qianchu grabs her arm from the back and forcibly holds her.

"Let go."

When small reads a to throw away his hand, on the face has the distinct indifference.

"What's the matter with you?" Mu qianchu looks at her in amazement, but she was not good before.

Two people stand in the quiet lane, the light is dark, the wind blows, the smell of her wine falls on him.

Mu qianchu looked at her incredulously. "Did you drink?"

She never drinks.

"I'll go first."

When Xiaonian didn't want to say anything, she just wanted to leave. She raised her feet to move forward, and her arm was once again held by mu qianchu. Mu qianchu's five fingers were closed, and she easily grasped her slender arm.

"Xiaonian, what's the matter with you? Is something wrong? Why drink? " Asked muqianchu anxiously.

He is concerned about the soft voice that makes Xiaonian's drunken head lose consciousness for another second.

She forced herself to wake up and shake off his hand, but this time, mu qianchu didn't let go and held her tightly.

The warmth of his fingertips clings to her.

"Let go!"

When the tone of small read down cold.

"Don't make it clear that I won't let it go. Why did I run when I saw you? Wasn't it good before?" He admitted that he didn't like her back in front of him.

"Don't you have a family dinner at the hotel with Shidi? What are you doing here?" When small read to ask coldly.

"It was when I saw you in the hotel that I found an excuse. That's why you drink? "

She Are you jealous?

Mu qianchu's long and narrow eyes looked at her deeply, and a smile flashed across her eyes. She said softly, "Xiaonian, you don't need to think so much. I'm going to have a family dinner because your father helped me sit in the president's seat..."

"I don't want to know how good you are. That's not my father, is it? They don't want me anymore. " When Xiaonian coldly interrupts him, the man retreats and leans against the cold wall.

His hand was still on her arm.

"Xiaonian..." Looking at her, muqianchu felt heartache on her face. "It doesn't matter. They don't want you or me..."

"I know it doesn't matter." Shi Xiaonian interrupts him again and says indifferently, "you have nothing to do with me, have you?"

Mu qianchu's face solidified in the dim light, "what do you say?"

He has nothing to do with her?

When Xiaonian pushed his hand away, this time, he didn't hold it tightly, so she pushed it away.