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Chapter 706 Miyoshi's small island

When Xiaonian looked along her line of sight, she saw Gong Ou walk out of the Black Gate accompanied by the bodyguards. He was covered in sunshine, and the shadow on the ground was tall and long. He was wearing a pair of slippers, straight legs and long legs. A light color home style coat softened his usual sharp lines. The golden figure of his body was clear at a glance. He had short hair, neat hair and handsome face, Angular clear, a pair of eyes dark and deep.

It's like a lake. At the first glance, it looks good, but at the second glance, it feels like a whirlpool in the center of the lake, leading you to fall step by step.

Gong Ou walked out like this. He was so handsome that he couldn't describe it with words. He was like a walking magnet. When he came out, he looked at them with black eyes. At one glance, he put all his eyes on Shi Xiaonian.

At that time, Xiaonian couldn't help but look at Su Yaoyao beside him. He saw that Su Yaoyao had been awed by the whole person, and looked at Gong Ou directly.

At that time, Xiaonian could see that her soul was floating towards Gong ou, and all her states presented four words: amazing.

They all came out in slippers. How can they reach girls in seconds.

When Xiaonian bent down to pick up the camera and handed it to Su Yaoyao, "Miss Su, your camera."


Su Yaoyao suddenly realized what she had done. Her face suddenly turned red, as if smoke could come out. She said in embarrassment, "I, I, I, this, this, this."

Looking at her reaction, Xiaonian didn't know what she was talking about. She was just like a girl in her infancy. She didn't lose her head.

"Where is a lantern from?"

Gong Ou comes up and conventionally holds Shi Xiaonian in his arms, watching Su Yaoyao's red face.


Su Yaoyao's face was red to the point of blood dripping. His eyes wanted to turn away, but he couldn't help looking at Gong Ou's face. He just wrote a few words: how can there be such a handsome man in the world? Ah, so handsome, I like it!

"Miss Su, please come inside."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"Oh, yes."

Su Yaoyao ran in shyly.

When Xiaonian hit Gong Ou's waist with his elbow, Gong Ou looked at her inexplicably, "what are you doing?"

"What are you doing at home dressed so handsome? There's nothing to boast about. "

People in their thirties are seducing little girls.

When small read cold face way, raise leg to walk forward, ignore Gong ou.

Gong Ou stood in place, confused by the sudden criticism. He looked down at the slippers on his feet, twisted his eyebrows, and then raised a curve with his thin lips.

He quickly caught up with Shi Xiaonian, "Shi Xiaonian, do you think I am handsome in slippers? Then I'll wear slippers in front of you! "

That's the decision!

His woman's taste is really special.


When small read a face speechless ground to look at him, he this is what God logic, who likes him to wear slippers.

When Xiaonian invited Su Yaoyao to a side hall, Su Yaoyao fiddled with her camera, and Gong Ou went to sit down on the sofa opposite her.

Su Yaoyao raised her eyes, and saw Gong ou, who was so handsome that she was falling apart. Her face suddenly turned into a red lantern. She stood up from the sofa and looked at him shyly. She wanted to see and was embarrassed. She wanted to see more.

"What do you jump at all of a sudden? Monkey? "

Gong Ou looks at her coldly.

When Xiaonian went to help the maid beside him, he put a cup of hot drink in front of Su Yaoyao. As soon as he put it down, Gong Ou said in an enlightened tone, "I see. Do you fall in love with me at first sight?"


Su Yaoyao's face is not only smoky this time, but the whole people are so ashamed that they smoke.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he saw that Gong Ou looked at Su Yaoyao's young face, laughed mockingly, and his voice was cold and thin. "Your beauty is good, but you don't have to blush. You look so ugly, I can't see you!"


Su Yaoyao is going to cry.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou with a headache, will he chat? He was not afraid that Su Yaoyao would not tell them the news of Mr palace as soon as he was angry.

"Let me talk to Miss Su, will you go away for a while?" When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou Dao and drives him away.


Gong oudao, leaning back, a posture of sitting for a long time.

He couldn't communicate with Su Yaoyao here, and Xiao Nian didn't like girls looking at Gong ou with Xiao Xiang's eyes.

She looked at his slippers and said, "Gong ou, I think it would be more handsome for you to change into a pair of gray slippers."

Gong Ou looks down at the slippers on his feet and raises his eyes to look at her. "How could I never find that you have such a big obsession with slippers?"

How handsome is he in his slippers?

Since she said she was handsome, he didn't mind being more handsome. If she could show him red face like this red lantern, he would enjoy it very much.

Thinking of this, Gong Ou got up from the sofa and walked obediently.

When he dismissed Gong ou, Xiao Nian was relieved. He sat down opposite Su Yaoyao. Su Yaoyao's eyes followed Gong Ou all the time. The admiration and amazement in his eyes couldn't stop him.

"Miss Su? Can we get down to business now? "

When small read out a voice to say.

Smell speech, Su Yaoyao realizes his own misdemeanor, hurriedly takes the cup in front of him and gulps down a large mouthful of drink, and fans his red face with his hands.

When Xiaonian wanted to take a thermometer to measure the temperature of her face at the moment.

"I'm sorry."

Su Yaoyao is so ashamed that she says, "I, I really haven't seen such a handsome man, more than 10000 times more handsome than TV."

"Is it? I think it's praise. " Xiaonian smiled and said, "Miss Su, can you talk to me about Mr palace?"

Su Yaoyao thought of his purpose and said, "actually, I don't know if it's the robot you're looking for, but I think it's a bit similar, so I took a picture."

"Where did you see it?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"I saw it on Borg island at four yesterday afternoon." Su Yaoyao immediately said, "I see the robot standing there, walking around under the tree, and trying to talk to him, but he ignored me and left."

"Where have you been?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The borgs." Su said, "the island is not big. It belongs to the Borg family. It's a remote family. It's very mysterious. People on the island have their own lives and don't have much contact with the outside world."

"You know that?" When small read casually asked.

"I'm a student. I want to write about the Berger family's deeds in a paper this time, so it's over." Su replied earnestly, "that's what I know."

"Borg island?"

When Xiaonian sat there and repeated the three words between his lips, he never heard of the Borg Island Borg family. How could Mr palace be there?

No, since it's an island, how does Mr palace go? You can't swim past. Who will take a robot to the island.


Su Yaoyao nodded.

"Well, thank you, Miss Su. We'll visit the borgs. Come with me for the prize." Xiaonian stood up and said, "I'm afraid you can't visit."

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Yu standing at the entrance of the stairs, looking at her with a dignified look.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled, why did he say that they could not visit him?

"The borgs are an affiliated branch of Lancaster. They have been living in seclusion for many years, depending on Lancaster's money and power, and they are considered to be the answer to Lancaster." Gong Yu came down and said, "since Mona's accident, we have received many hostile letters. If I remember correctly, the borgs are among them."


When Xiaonian was stunned, she had no idea that this could also be related to Lancaster.

Gong Yu came to Xiaonian and said, "so if you go in the name of Gong family, you can't even get on the island. In addition, knowing that the robot our palace is looking for is on the island, it is estimated that they are too late to destroy it, and they will directly sink the robot into the sea. "

"Well, it shouldn't be possible."

Su Yaoyao stood aside and interposed.

Gong Yuhe and Shi Xiaonian looked at her. Su Yaoyao said, "I've done the information about the Borg family. They don't even have a TV set on the island. They only provide electricity for two hours at night. They grow their own plants and go out to sea. The news is blocked. Unless someone tells them, they should not know that the robot is from the palace."

Hearing this, Gong Yu nodded. "I've heard that. The borgs are old-fashioned and moved to the island a long time ago."

"I see." Shi Xiaonian said, "then we don't go to the island in the name of the palace. I just need to find Mr palace."

She didn't care about the rest.


It's the only way to do this.

Su Yaoyao stood aside, looked at Gong Yu, and then looked at Xiao Nian. She raised her hand silently. "Mrs. Gong, I'd better take you there. I know several people on the island, and I think you are my elder martial sister and elder martial brother. They should be kind enough to help find robots together."

When Xiaonian looks at her, it's really a good way.

It's better for someone to lead in than for someone to break in suddenly.

He thought for a moment and agreed.

The next day, Gong ou and Feng de and Su Yaoyao boarded the yacht to Borg island.

The reason why we didn't send the people below is because the missing person is so special. It's a robot. Even if the bodyguards find it, they can't bring it back by force.

Shi Xiaonian is the master of Mr palace, and Gong Ou is the developer of Mr palace. They both have to go.

In the warm day, the yacht is on the sea.

When Xiaonian stood on the deck, Gong Ou stood behind her, stretched his arms to hold down the guardrail, and looked at the sea in the distance.

"Gong ou, why do you think Mr palace ran to the island?"

Asked shixiaonian.

The R palace is just a robot. No longer invincible, it can't swim. There's no money on it. How can you please get someone else to ferry it if you want to?