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Chapter 375 I don'st love you, Gong ou

"..." Gong Ou stood in front of her and said nothing.

Shi Xiaonian continued, "second, our status does not match. The palace family will not allow me to exist."

"I'll take care of it!"

Gong Ouli said that since he had decided to go back to her, he didn't care about anything, so he wanted to be together.

She is his.

He wants her. Nobody can stop him.

"The third is about Xi Yu." When Xiaonian looked at him with clear eyes, his voice was bitter. "Now I understand what was hidden in your heart. In fact, if I were you, I don't know how to accept this past. In particular, maybe your brother was on his way to see him

Gong Ou admired his brother very much.

That Kane, it's hard for him to pass.

"I have accepted it!" Gong Ou immediately said, without any hesitation.

"Really? If we get along all day long, can you really look at my face and not think of my brother? I don't think your brother might have gone to see you... "


Gong Ou twisted her eyebrows and interrupted her. She was not allowed to continue. Her face was very ugly.

When small read a wry smile, "look, in fact, you can't completely accept now, perhaps, you are in the bottom of your heart are hating my brother?"

If it wasn't for Xi Yu, maybe Gong Yu would not die.

He would not lose his most respected family.

"In my eyes, you have nothing to do with the Xi family!" Gong Ou sat down with a cold face.

"No, I have returned to Xi's house. I love my parents, and I love the younger brother I have never met before." "They have something to do with me," he said slowly

The Xi family is really good to her.

She cherishes her hard-earned affection.

Gong Ou raised his eyes and glared at her sharply. He clenched his hands and clenched his teeth. After a while, his voice was a little stiff. "Give me time, and I can accept it!"

Smell speech, when small read stupidly to look at him, the heart passes a sharp pain.

Is he going to choose to accept all this?

Why, isn't it scarred enough.

Because she has to impose so many unnecessary emotions on herself.

"No need, you choose to mind that I can understand, don't embarrass yourself." When Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled, he chose to speak before he said, "and fourth, the consequences of Xi Yu's incident, you have told me."

"I won't let you die!"

Gong Ou stood up and went to her. He stared at her with his eyes and tried to bite.

"Do you promise yourself?" When Xiaonian raised his face and looked at him, he pretended to be cold and sarcastic and asked, "isn't your injury enough? If you get hurt, can you protect me? What can you do with your parents if something happens to me? This is article five. "

The most powerful man in the world can't hurt his parents unless he completely tramples filial piety on his feet.


Gong Ou is silent, standing in front of her, breathing heavily.

"Sixth, you are engaged." Shi Xiaonian said that in fact, she didn't want to talk about their inappropriate reasons in such a structured way. It was like when they broke up, they only had a cold break-up contract.

But she had to.

She would pull him away from the abyss.

"It was just an oath, no engagement ceremony!"

"Isn't swearing in the aristocracy an unchangeable oath?" She said with a wry smile, which she had heard more than once.

"I can solve all these things without you! As long as you follow me, I can change anything! "

Gong Ou's tone is paranoid.

When Xiaonian stood there, the smile was even more bitter. "How to change it, and then use one ear? Do you have to get hurt to that point? "

"I will!"

"But I don't want to." When Xiaonian looked into his eyes and said, the voice was clear, soft and bitter. "Seventh, because we have twins."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes flashed a deep light, eager as a child. "Yes, because we have twins, we should be together more! Don't you always want to have a home? "

"For them, we should take care of ourselves, shouldn't we?" He asked back.


Gong Ou stares at her, not on the same channel as her thoughts.

"When we get together, the palace family will hurt me and even kill me. The Lancaster family and Mona will hate you." When Xiaonian's eyes were astringent and his tone was calm, "in fact, we are the best now. When we separate, those injuries will not come one after another. We can't have a family, but we can choose to be a son, a daughter, and a strong parent. Are you right? Gong ou. "

Gong Ou stood in front of her and looked at her with black eyes. For a while, he said, "Why are you so articulate now?"

She used to be different.

So many reasons can be given for the separation.

"I just understood that the situation is better than people." When small read low eyes said.

Half a year after being placed in the tower by the palace family, she has been polished off all stubborn edges and corners.

Now, she must think for her twins, at least, she can't let two children lose their mother or father.

"Being a relaxed son, daughter and a strong parent, what about me? Where am I? "

Gong Ou asked, almost every word.

She considered everything.

What about him.

Where is he with her.

"Gong ou..." He's still alive, just like his mother expected of her, and doesn't need to have great achievements, don't need to earn much money, just live.

As long as he is healthy and healthy, she will not have any more scars on her.

"There are three left, you haven't said." Gong Ou interrupts her again, "I said, if you can't say ten, we are suitable!"

So domineering.

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes darkened, he reached out to open the leaves on his shoulders, and hesitated to sip his lips.

She looked at the wound on his forehead. "Aren't these reasons enough, can I not say?"

She didn't want to hurt him any more.

That's not enough.

"No! Say it today! "

Gong Ou said forcefully, raising his hand to her face.

When small read subconsciously over the face.

So afraid that he would touch her.

Gong Ou's eyes flashed a touch of disappointment. He didn't touch her. He stretched out his hand and pulled down the vines behind her. Then he dropped them on the ground. Between his thin lips, he uttered a word, "say!"

When Xiaonian looked at the leaves on the ground, he was stunned. His hands hanging on his side were tightly clenched into fists. His fingernails were pinched deeply into his palms, and he felt a sharp pain.

Have a good time.

Have a good time.

When Xiaonian took a deep breath, he said calmly, "eighth, I am tired of love; Ninth, I am afraid of love; tenth, I have no energy to love."

Three, she said in one breath.

Words fall.

The whole pavilion is quiet, not even the wind, everything is so quiet.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, tall and powerful, surrounded by her breath.

For a long time, his deep voice came out of his throat, "Oh, these three are the key points."

He sneered derisively.

What is afraid of death, what is a daughter for parents, are false.

These three are the real reasons.

"Take it for granted." When small read low head said, honestly said, "perhaps, at the beginning of the first time you told me about Xi Yu, I may still have the courage to be with you, but now, I really dare not love again."


Gong Ou's body is stiff.

"After so long, I've been used to my life. It's calm, no waves, no waves. It's very good." When small read lightly said, "you don't want me, also can not be implicated by me, won't go against own parents for me again."

"I thank you for your kindness! I don't need you to think about it for me! " Gong Ou roared out, his voice mixed with strong anger.

He was angry.

When Xiaonian looked up at him.

Gong Ou is staring at her fiercely and biting her teeth. "Why say so many grand words? It seems that you have found the best way for me! Why don't you just say you don't love me? "

“……” When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

"Say it!"

The sun fell on his face, which could not soften his impatience at all.

When Xiaonian was shocked by his anger, her fingernails even more forcefully pinched into her palms.

If so, everything will remain calm.

"Yes, that's an excuse." When Xiaonian looked at his sullen face calmly, "in the half year when I was imprisoned in England, I hated you day by day. I even told myself that I hated you all my life, and I cursed you that you would never be happy. But now, you suddenly tell me that everything is a misunderstanding. In fact, you always love me and never give up on me. I can't turn around at all. "


"To put it bluntly, that half year's time has completely wiped out my love for you, leaving no trace." Shi Xiaonian said, "so even if the misunderstanding is clarified now, I will treat you I don't have the same feelings. "


Gong Ou stood there, a pair of black pupils staring at her, gnashing their teeth and saying, "say it again!"

"I don't love you, Gong ou." Xiaonian looked at his black eyes and said, "in that half year, my love has disappeared. I'm sorry."

I'm sorry.

She said sorry to him.

Oh, she was imprisoned by his mother for half a year. She came out and said she didn't love him. It's normal. It's so normal. She even politely said sorry to him.

Gong Ou stares at her, without a word, and stares at her like this.

When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were black and white, clear and firm. "Gong ou, let's do that."

"What if I don't agree?"

Asked GONGO, breathing heavily.

"Gong ou, I don't agree with Mona's many qualities, but I can't deny that she loves you and can help you." And she's not.