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Chapter 1065 bitjump

Bit said something like this. He Already know the whole truth?

When Xiaonian bit her lips and thought again, did he overhear her talking to Enid or Gong Ou? It's not because Enid committed suicide that he's so depressed and worried these days, but because he knows that he's just a used existence, and his parents never take him seriously.

She raised her eyes and looked up at Gong Ou's eyes. When Xiao Nian made a gesture to show that he was worried.

Gong Ou gives her a reassuring look.

When I nodded, I was still a little uneasy, looking up to the third floor.

Bith stood there and let everyone shoot. He smiled and laughed so pointlessly. "Have you ever seen fathers insult their children again and again in order to make the mother leave and move her back? Have you ever seen a mother not returning just for the sake of her father's high position and stability? "


"The child watched her mother commit suicide again and again to protect her father, but she never looked back when the child was mistreated with personality deviation and was excluded from shelter."


"The child is very lucky. He saw the greatest love in the world. It's so great that even the child is inferior to the dog in their eyes." Bit smiled again, laughing loudly.

Laughter came from the stereo, stimulating everyone's eardrum.

At this point, a lot of media have guessed that bit is telling his own story, and have started to code words on mobile phones or tablets, ready to hand over the news in the first time.

When Xiaonian heard her heartache, she looked up to the second floor and saw Enid, who was not free, standing there, covering half of her face with one hand.

I can't tell whether I am ashamed or sad when I do that.

"When are you going to talk about it? Stop messing around and get down! " George finally couldn't help but pick up the microphone on the meeting table and snapped.

Bith didn't even look at him. He continued to stand there and said, "once someone told me that there is only one profession in the world that can get a job qualification without studying or taking exams. That's parents."

It's what Gong Ou said.

Dialysis of this sentence, every word is listening to the extraordinarily sad.

There was a total silence.

Bit stood on the third floor, clapped his hand on the railing in front of the clapper, then stood up straight, adjusted his microphone, looked down at everyone, and said, "thank you, let me know that I am not only a redundant existence from birth, but also a useless tool that can't maintain your great love. I'm sorry for you."

When small read lips tight.

Is he going to publish George's face to the world, just revenge? Why is she so upset.

As soon as she said this, she heard a reporter whispering behind her.

"It's George."

"I know a little bit about this. It's said that he was not born to George's wife. He was always looked down upon by George. He was a poor child."

"And who is his mother?"

"I don't know, but it sounds like he has suffered a lot these years. It seems that he didn't live well in a big family. Write it down quickly. Lancaster really gave the world two big stories this time."

When small read can only listen, can't stop them.

"I'm sorry for you. I haven't been able to be your bond for 16 years. I'm so sorry."

As bit was still talking upstairs, his voice suddenly became sharp and full of hatred. "I hate you too. I really want to kill you. I am a living person. Why am I at your mercy? Why insult me and give me up? Why gave birth to me but didn't love me at all? Oh, by the way, I was born to you, not to you. I won't even have the chance to hate you. But what is the use of such a life? "

As soon as the words came out, the whole audience was in a uproar.

A 16-year-old boy is shocked when he talks about killing his parents.

When Xiaonian opened her eyes wide, the whole person became more and more flustered. One eye suddenly jumped up. She couldn't help rushing to the meeting table, picking up a microphone in front of the public and interrupting bit's words.

"Bit, you and me." When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, her mind was blank. At this moment, she just wanted to pull bit to her side.

I don't know why, she feels like bith is all right with her.

She was afraid and didn't know what to be afraid of.

Bit stands on the third floor and looks at her. It's too far away. Xiaonian can't see the expression on his face. He just holds the microphone firmly and says in a slightly trembling voice, "you have gong ou, you have little pumpkin, Gong Yao and Gong Kui who have been looking forward to seeing you. They have drawn a lot of pictures to give you as a gift."

Smell speech, bit stood there silent, as long as a century, bit just slowly said, "I'm afraid I can't go back with you..."


When small read to ask a way, voice leaks worry and fear.

"Because I really hate it." Bit said, "every night, I have a sudden impulse to kill my mother with a knife."


When Xiaonian bit his lips and looked at him standing very high in fear.

"But if I can't get down and kill them, my hatred will not be less." Bit smiled and said crazily, "so I think of the best way to get revenge, and I can get rid of it completely."

What and in what ways can we be completely liberated?

When Xiaonian froze, her legs suddenly began to soften.

Gong Ou takes out his mobile phone and quickly presses a few keys on the screen, only to see a few bodyguards suddenly appear beside bith and quietly lean towards him.

When Xiaonian watched nervously, waiting for the bodyguards to hold bith, bith suddenly raised his leg and stepped on the railing, and the whole person stood on the railing.

"Ah --"

there was a scream.

When Xiaonian dropped the microphone from her hand, she could hardly stand.

George was completely there too, and no one found Enid on the second floor running recklessly to the third floor, breaking away from her bodyguards.

Bith stands on the railing, and the bodyguards dare not move him at will. He is like a fearless child, stepping on the railing to move a little bit. Everyone pinches a sweat for him and screams one after another.

"I know you're all shooting." Bit said word for word, "George, Enid, listen up, I'll give you this life you didn't care about! Don't expect to be together, my soul will curse you forever after I die! "

"Get him!" Gong Ou had a quick drink.

When the bodyguards received the order, they all rushed to bith. Enid had rushed to the third floor and shouted hysterically, "bith!"

Bit throws the other microphones out of his body, opens his hands and jumps down without hesitation.

Enid fainted to the ground.


When Xiaonian shouts loudly, Gong ou and the bodyguards around him rush forward in the same way, like a slow movie lens. When Xiaonian watches bit fall bit by bit, she can even see the relieved smile on bit's face.

The young man looked forward to his family for 16 years, and was finally slapped severely. So he chose the most determined way to revenge, revenge on the two people who should have loved him most.

In a large scream, bit fell heavily. There was no picture of blood splashing on the spot. Gong ou and the bodyguards stopped him, causing someone to scream and someone to fall to the ground.

When Xiaonian didn't know how he was going, he seemed to step on the tip of the knife every step.

She pulls out two bodyguards. Bit has been put on the ground. The whole person is lying there dying. There is a little blood under him.

When Xiaonian squatted down in front of him, shook his hands and stroked his head, gently brushed his hair, "why? I said that I would go back with you. I said it clearly. "

Gong Ou squats down on one knee beside her and puts her hand in her arms.

Bith was lying there, his eyes were dim and staring at her, and his lips moved several times before making a sound, "I'm sorry Sister.

A round voice sister, standard Chinese pronunciation.

When Xiaonian looked at him in astonishment, her eyes were soon covered with water. Before she left, she said she wanted to teach him to speak Chinese, but he didn't want to. Unexpectedly, he had already said so well.

When did you secretly learn it? It was so good that she didn't expect it.

With that, bit closed his eyes slowly, and his lips oozed blood.


When Xiaonian excitedly yells out, the whole person wants to rush towards bit and is stopped by Gong ou.

Gong Ou holds her in her arms and holds her tightly.

The scene was out of control. All the media rushed to shoot. The bodyguards couldn't stop it for a while. A voice came calmly and energetically, "come on, take the young master away."

It's George's voice.

He was so calm.

Lancaster family bodyguards rushed into the crowd to pull up the bits on the ground. Gong ou, who was holding Xiaonian, suddenly stood up and stared at the bodyguards with sharp eyes. He shouted, "who dares to move?"

When Xiaonian realized that the scene had gone in another direction, he got up before he could feel sad and stood beside Gong ou.

George, accompanied by his bodyguard, went to gong'ou. He stared at gong'ou with blue eyes and said without expression, "this is my son. I can't take him to talk to you, gong'er young master?"

The sound of the shutter next to it keeps ringing.

"Then try to take him away from me!" Gong Ou bites his teeth and stares at the people in front of him.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he didn't expect that Gong Ou would care so much about bit. He really changed a lot.

"Bith said he would come back to the palace with us." When small read low Mou to see a lie on the ground motionless bit, suffer badly, "so, we want to take him back."

She would never let someone like George take bith, bith would not like to.