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Chapter 718 no turning back

"Young master, I will protect you to the death."

Feng De's face was heavy, Su Yaoyao was young, and his face was full of fear.

"I don't have to swear, I only use you two to do one thing!" Gong Ou says, black Mou also leers at Su Yaoyao, "you want to bear for me! Without my command, you two should bear whatever you see and see! "


When Xiaonian and Fengde look at Gong Ou inexplicably, why should they bear it? What to bear?

She doesn't understand.

"Do you understand?" Gong Ou asked in a cold voice, "if shixiaonian is hurt or dead because of you, I will kill you without these people!"

In the end, Gong Ou's voice is full of cold and frightening.

Su Yaoyao's eyes showed a faint gloom, and then nodded, "I know."

"Yes, sir."

Although Feng de didn't understand, he should come down.

In front of the altar over there, the witches have finished the weird dance. Bergler stands in the center, opens his arms, and shouts, "please heavenly daughter!"

"Please heavenly daughter!"

"Please heavenly daughter!"

"Please heavenly daughter!"

The wizard and the guards shouted together, and Xiao Nian frowned when he heard them. It was like an uncivilized barbarian tribe here.

After a lot of noise, guards lined up to enter the old door.

Another long rite.

Suddenly someone shouted, "kneel."

In an instant, everyone knelt down together, passed through the wind and brushed everyone's face.

"Kneel, too!"

Yikela's guard chief stared at Gong ou and said that his bright knife almost stabbed Gong ou. Feng De quickly blocked Gong ou.

Gong Ou's face was hard to see. His black eyes stared at the man gloomily. At last, Xiao Nian's hand knelt behind Bogler as he tightly grasped it.

He knelt down suddenly, and Xiao Nian's heart sank with him when he knelt down.

Don't think about it. If she's not around him, Gong Ou won't be aggrieved even if he's broken his kneecap. But now, all he has to do is protect her first.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, then he slowly knelt down.

As soon as she knelt, Gong Ou held her hand tighter, with terrible force, as if it were broken.

"It's OK. It must be OK."

In addition to that, shixiaonian can say nothing. She can't think of any way. There are only four of them on the island. Neither she nor suyaoyao have any Kung Fu. Moreover, all the people on the island have weapons. Without rescue, it's too difficult for them to escape.

Like sheep cakes to be slaughtered, you can only watch them step by step.

Gong Ou holds her hand hard, black eyes look at her deeply, thin lips close tightly.

Su Yaoyao and Feng De also knelt down beside them. Gong Ou said coldly, "you two are not allowed to look up. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's face with some doubts, why not just allow Feng de and Su Yaoyao to look up?

Just thinking about it, another tune sounded in the sun. The tune made people feel uncomfortable. When Xiaonian looked up, he saw the guards carrying a huge thing like crystal out.

The music is singing.

The breeze is blowing.

The guards came out from the inside with huge and incomparable crystal. It seemed that there was something in the crystal. They walked a long way to the altar.

Near, when small read to see clearly, that a huge crystal is not containing anything, but people, a woman.


When small read stunned to cover the mouth, stupidly looked at those guards to carry the crystal to the altar.

In the transparent and irregular crystal, a woman dressed like a wizard sits inside. Her hair is covered by a long headdress. It's an extremely pale face, without any expression. Her eyes are closed, and the sun shines on the crystal, which makes the woman's face bright, like a phantom.

Is that the heavenly daughter?

It's crazy how to put people there.

People began to kneel and read some prayers, including that of the Bogler over and over, and all the people around were very devout.

On his right hand, Feng de kneels Su Yaoyao, whose body trembles more than before.

"What's the matter with you? Don't be so afraid. "

Feng de comforted her.


Su Yaoyao knelt there, tears falling down big and big, biting his fingers uncontrollably and killing himself.

She has to hold back.

She can't harm Mr. and Mrs. Gong again. She can't do this. She can't help it. She can.

"What's the matter with you?" Feng de discovers her abnormality, how to cry like this suddenly.

Su Yaoyao kneels there with her head down. She shakes her head desperately and cries hard.

Gong Ou kneels on the ground and listens to the cry coming from there. His brows are tightened. Su Yaoyao can't hold on for long. He must seize the life quickly.

He raised his head and glanced at people around him, kneeling and saying in Chinese, "Feng de."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de never looked back.

"Protect shixiaonian. I will seize the opportunity to subdue Bergler and take him under threat." Gong said he was several rows away from Bogler.

It's OK for him to take Bogler, but he's afraid that the guards around him will target him for the first time.

Feng de looked at Gong Ou doubtfully. "Young master, why didn't I subdue it?"

Young master should be more want to protect when small read it.

"Now I am the master, you are the master?" Gong Ou said coldly, his black eyes glared at him. "If it wasn't for you, we would be in such trouble?"


Feng de looks down.

"Listen, I'll go up and subdue Bogler, and you'll run to me. Remember, your eyes can only be fixed on shixiaonian. You don't have to live if she hurts a hair!"

Gong Ou's voice was very gloomy.

"Yes, sir." Feng de responded.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's face, he always felt that there was something strange about Gong Ou's order. It was like deliberately avoiding Feng de. Feng de was already guilty and remorseful. Even more, he could not lift his head.

Gong Ou kneels there and counts the time. When he sees Xiaonian, he kneels bitterly and starts to move his legs. Then he estimates that the people around him are almost the same. This is the best time to start.

"Five, four."

Gong Ou begins to count down in a low voice.

Smell speech, when small read hurriedly up spirit, deep breath, ready to rush forward.

"Three, two, one!"

Gong Ou roars out and rushes forward. Xiao Nian, Feng de and Su Yaoyao immediately run forward recklessly. Those who kneel all over the place don't respond.

Gong'ou almost rushed to the front with the fastest speed, went straight to the front to clamp the kneeling Bergler, and tightly clamped his neck.


The whole audience was in a uproar, and all the people were still unable to react. They stared at the scene stupidly.

Yikela, the captain of the guard, is the quickest scene. When he saw the Savior, he was about to wave to shixiaonian with his knife. Fengde dare not stare at shixiaonian wrongly. He split a hand knife and snatched the knife from yikela's hand with soft Kung Fu. Then he stopped shixiaonian and suyaoyao's body and shouted, "don't move!"

Everyone was shocked.

Bogler has been dragged up by Gong ou. When Xiao Nian stood beside Gong ou with his back against the altar, Feng de stood in front of him.

"Stand back, or I will kill your master!"

Gong Oule stopped Bogler's neck and roared coldly, his eyes sullen.

Bogler was so imprisoned that he couldn't say a word. He could only use his hand to signal the people who were waving their weapons to retreat.


According to carat, he had to take the crowd back and stare at Feng De, "what do you want to do?"

"Let us off the island! Right away! Right away! "

Gong Ou said that leaving at this time is the main thing, and all things can be put aside for the time being.

As he said this, Gong Ou tried hard to hold Bogler's neck again. Bogler almost rolled his eyes. When he saw this, ekla had to go back and say, "OK, OK, I'll let you go, but you can't hurt the master."

Yikela is very important.

"Then get out of the way, and all the people with you will stand on the corner there and let go all the weapons in their hands." Gongou cold tunnel.

I'm glad this is an old-fashioned family. I don't even have a gun. Otherwise, it's not so easy to carry.

"OK, OK, let's make it."

Yike stretched out his hand and made a posture of retreating, taking people back to one side.

Feng De takes Xiaonian and Su Yaoyao with the knife belt and goes forward. Gong Ou holds Bogler in his back. A pair of black eyes stare at Xiaonian anxiously, unable to concentrate.

Seeing that they were about to leave juelin, yikela looked at Fengde and looked at the altar. Turning around his eyes, he shouted, "why do you come back? Is it to betray the master again? "

Feng de stopped, looked at ekla and said, "I'm not a slave here, neither are you."

"Don't talk to him, let me go!"

Seeing this, Gong Ou said angrily.

Ekla continued, "you are a sinner, even if you are not a slave. I think you just kept your head down. You didn't have the courage to look on the altar."

"Go!" Shouted Gong ou.

When Feng de listened to Gong Ou's voice, he was about to go on. Suddenly, he heard the scream of iqra hysteria, "sinner, you lied to my sister, but you dare not even look at her?"


Smell speech, the whole people stay there when vanderton, stand stiffly, like a stone statue, just stand there, lose all expression on the face, also lose all breathing.

In a flash, he understood what the young master's strange orders meant, because he could not look back and let him do wrong.

Yes, he can't be mistaken.

But why is his foot like a root.

"Fengde, no turning back! You go! "

Gong Ou snapped and black eyes glared at Feng De.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, he stood as if he could not hear any sound, his face white as paper. For a long time, in the angry voice of Gong ou, Fengde turned his head rigidly.