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Chapter 733 leaving Berger Island

When Xiaonian came out of the hotel with his backpack on his back, he saw that all the people were looking at the direction of Fengde. Fengde stood alone by the sea, his white hair was dyed with a light luster.

Looking at the snow-white short hair, Xiaonian was distressed. She didn't move when she stood there, and footsteps came from behind.

When she turned around, she saw Su Yaoyao come out from the inside with her backpack on her back, reach out and lift the strap of the backpack, look up to the direction of Fengde, and suddenly the whole person stayed there. The backpack slipped directly from her shoulder and fell to the ground.

No one can believe such a scene.

When Xiaonian stood there, he turned his eyes to Su Yaoyao, blinked, and said, "Yaoyao, I already know all about it. Thank you."

Su Yaoyao's eyes are dull, and she turns to look at her and says, "my sister's business is my business. I must complete her wish. There is nothing to thank."

"I'm not thanking you for your sister, I'm my adoptive father." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at her, he said, "even if you are fake, it's a great comfort for the adoptive father. I believe he can survive at this moment for your sake."

There is always less hopelessness in having a daughter.


Smell speech, Su Yao Yao Yao's eyes slightly shake, turn to look at the seaside of Feng De, look out of mind.

"In fact, you don't hate your adoptive father so much, do you?" "In this world, many people in the game will only think of what they don't regret at that time, not what they don't regret in the future," said Shi Xiaonian

So people always spend time in regret.

Su Yaoyao's eyes darkened and looked at the great Haidao in the distance. "I am at sunrise. I must admit that the sea of Borg island is the most beautiful sea I have ever seen, and the sunrise of Borg island is the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen."

Such a stubborn girl.

When Xiaonian gently pulled the corners of her lips, she wanted to laugh but couldn't laugh. She turned around and hugged Su Yaoyao. "Yaoyao, I hope you can have a good life after you go back."


Hearing this, Su Yaoyao's eyes were sour.

These days, life on Borg island has been breathtaking. It has experienced lies, betrayals, and death. It's such a magnificent time. Now it's time to leave.

It's so beautiful every day.

When Xiao Nian held Su Yaoyao, Su Yaoyao's hand froze for a few seconds, raised his hand to climb up her back, turned his eyes to the sea.

Feng de stood there, there were so many people beside Mingming, but he was the only one who seemed so lonely and helpless, as if there was nothing left.

When Su Yaoyao suddenly let go of her, she bent down to pick up her backpack, lifted her eyes and looked at her, as if she had made some kind of decision. "For my sister, I'd like to live in her name forever. In this case, I'm not afraid to do more things by the way."

When Xiaonian looked at her in amazement, Su Yaoyao had turned around and walked towards Fengde. Her hand tightly grasped the shoulder belt of the backpack, and went to the back of Fengde, bathed in the sunrise light, and said, "father."


Feng De's back was shocked severely. For a long time, he slowly turned around and faced Su Yaoyao.

Su Yaoyao stood there and smiled at him. "I've been away from home for too long. My adoptive parents miss me very much. I have to go back."


Feng de looked at her motionless.

"But I'll have my birthday in a while. Can you come and spend it with me?" Su Yaoyao asked with a smile, and Feng de looked at her in a daze. He was as wise as he was, but he didn't respond for a while.

When Xiaonian slowly walked forward, stood beside Gong ou and looked at them.

Su Yaoyao's voice fell. The sea was so quiet that only the sound of sea water flowing was left. No one said to go, no one urged, and everyone stood quietly.

Until Feng de stood there and watched Su Yaoyao smile.

When a heart of small read suddenly fell down, also smile happily, raise eyes to look at Gong ou.


The adoptive father finally smiled.

Suddenly, Su Yaoyao turns to look at Gong ou, who is handsome in the sunrise light, with three-dimensional sexy features and deep eyes.

Su Yaoyao looks at him, a young face can't help but blush. Thinking about it, Su Yaoyao takes courage to go to Gong ou and hands his backpack to Feng De.

Gong Ou cuddles when small read, black Mou disdain ground saw her one eye.

Su Yaoyao just looks at Gong ou. Her face is so red that she can bleed. She purses her lips and suddenly opens her hands to Gong ou. "Mr. Gong, I'm leaving. Can I hold you?"


When Xiaonian looked at Su Yaoyao in amazement, the young girl was so shy that she couldn't look straight at Gong ou. She asked for hugs this time.

Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly turns black and stares at Su Yaoyao coldly, "what do you say?"

How could there be such an ignorant woman.

"Can I hold you?"

Su Yaoyao refused to give up and said, blushing badly.

Feng de looks at Su Yaoyao in amazement, and the people beside him are all looking good.

Gong Ou is about to scold. After thinking about it, he looks down at shixiaonian. It's ok if he doesn't see it. At first sight, he sees Xiaonian's calm face. He looks a little jealous.

"When reading! You didn't hear what she said? "

Gong Ou's face is darker. Does this woman love him or not? When she hears that she wants to hold him, she is so indifferent?


When Xiaonian stood there, she didn't know what to say. She didn't really mean to be jealous. She could see that Su Yaoyao had no purpose but to admire someone and want to hug him before leaving.

Maybe it's the feeling of chasing stars.

It's not easy to be brave.

"Er what Er?" Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian and yells at her regardless of the occasion, "what do you mean? You can't hear it, can't you hear it? "

When small nianmo, dundundun way, "I just hugged her, it's just a courtesy hug."

"Courtesy? You talk to me about etiquette? "

Gong Ou's face was even darker.


Su Yaoyao stood beside him and watched Gong Ou's anger. He didn't expect to have a hug. As a result, Xiao Nian burst into flames when he made Gong Ou's move. He hurriedly said, "I don't want to hold you anymore."

"Hold! Why not hold! " When Gong Ou stares, Xiaonian shouts out and angrily says, "my woman has no problem. Why don't I hold it?"

Is there any advantage?

With that, Gong Ou pulls Su Yaoyao to his side, and Xiaonian still stands there quietly, his black and white eyes fixed on him, not irritated, not embarrassed, not embarrassed, just looking at him calmly.

Gong Ou stares at Su Yaoyao with a fierce look, and reaches out to hug her. At the moment when Su Yaoyao is taken into his arms, Gong Ou pushes her out conditionally.


He can't take advantage of it!


When Xiaonian looks at his smelly face, he can't help but smile. Gong Ou stares at her and pulls her away. "Gone!"

When Xiaonian was led forward by him.

After a few steps, Gong Ou couldn't help shouting at her again, "shixiaonian, are you not jealous at all? You're still laughing. What's so funny about that! "

"How do you think I'm the kind of person who is jealous of little things?" Asked shixiaonian.


Gong Ou's answer is reasonable.

When Xiaonian looked at him helplessly, he walked forward two steps and was pulled back by Gong ou. Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, "are you really not jealous?"

How to call a non jealous like like like?

Are you kidding!

When Xiaonian looked up at him, a smile was raised from the corner of his lips, and he said softly, "I'm not jealous at all, but there is still a little bit."

"Just a little?"

Gong Ou is extremely dissatisfied.

"Because I know you won't hold her."

"How do you know?" He is a man, how many men can refuse to come to the door.

"I just know."

There was no reason for this intuition. She knew that he would not hug Su Yaoyao, and she knew that Su Yaoyao did not have any thoughts, so she was not worried.


Gong Ou glared at her fiercely, but his face was not as ugly as before. He hugged Xiaonian and walked towards the yacht. He took her to board the yacht, followed by Mr Gong and Gong Yu.

They all stood on the deck and looked at the sea. They could not help feeling the beauty here.

"Borg island can be a paradise, but it was destroyed by the cruel ruler in the blood." Gong Yu stood in the wind, his voice full of thick broadcast, "do you know how many slaves were killed by Bogler? It's exactly double the number of people on the island now. "


When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou and heard the figure, the whole person was not well, and there was a wave of nausea in her body, which she forced to hold back.

Now there are still landlords and ekla people on the island. They are used to living on the island, living on the sea and not moving to other places.

From now on, the island no longer relies on the Lancaster family, but on the palace family.

This time, the feud between the palace family and the Lancaster family has deepened.

When Xiaonian was thinking, Gong Yu was still there saying, "this Bogler is addicted to torture and killing. He has done one thing since he was a child. How can he torture a person to death? He looks for a sense of stimulation from this. He even killed his wife."


When Xiaonian heard this, he was more disgusted. He wanted him to stop talking. Gong Yu kept on saying, "he put poisonous insects into his wife's ears while her wife was sleeping, and then sealed her ears. Within a few days, his wife bled from all her orifices. The pus came out of her nose and eyes..."

Hearing this, Xiaonian couldn't stand it any more. He couldn't find a place for a while, and the whole man threw up under the guardrail. "Ouch."

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou is surprised, walks to her side at once, taps her back gently, turns her eyes and stares at her brother, "can you stop saying such disgusting things?"